5 Reasons You Aren't Making Money From Your Blog

5 Reasons You Aren’t Making Money From Your Blog

Almost everyone these days has a blog – or so it seems.  Everyone starts a blog with the notion that soon enough, they will be swimming in cash and taking limitless trips to exotic places.  After a few months, and without having made a dime from their blog, many of them simply give up on

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increase customer conversions

3 Ways to Increase Customer Conversions

Whether or not you started blogging to earn an income, if you have products, one of your goals is earning income through your blog. Many bloggers struggle with the marketing side of monetizing their own products because they’re not tuned in to these 3 ways to increase customer conversions. How to Increase Customer Conversions 1.

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ultimate beginners guide to creating a sales funnel

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Sales Funnel

Have you been struggling with the conversion rate in your online business or site? Your lead generation is perfect. You have a lot of visitors to your site but they are not converting into subscribers or paying customers. If you answered yes to this question, you need a sales funnel to improve your conversion rate.

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tips on how to make more money with affiliate links

Tips to Make More Money with Affiliate Links

Making money with affiliate links is by far one of the most popular ways to earn revenue with your website, blog or social media accounts. Affiliate programs come in all shapes, sizes, and niches. The beautiful thing about affiliate links is that you’re able to make a living off promoting someone else’s product or service.

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five easy ways to monetize your instagram account

Five Easy Ways To Monetize Your Instagram Account

Twenty years ago, it wasn’t possible to make a living through social media. Let’s be honest – social media didn’t even exist. But now? There are millions, if not billions, of dollars to be made through social media. While Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn can be used to earn some extra cash, Instagram is potentially

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Want to learn all of the ins and outs of working with blog sponsors? Sign up for my Blog Sponsorship 101 course now!

Blog Sponsorship 101 {new course}

You’ve worked hard to build a beautifully designed, professional looking blog. You’ve created amazing content and have begun to build an engaged audience. The next step is to begin to make income from your blog! Blog sponsorship {also known as blog advertising} is a GREAT way to bring in significant income, introduce your readers to

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15 Income Streams to Explore in 2018

Income Streams to Explore in 2018. One of the most exciting aspects of blogging is the unlimited income potential. Any seasoned blogger will tell you that diversifying is the best way to create a steady, reliable income. In order to do that, you’ll want to set up several different income streams on your blog. Here

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how to monetize your blog

How to Monetize Your Blog and Not Sell Your Soul

So often, I hear bloggers talk about how their blogging goals don’t include making money. They don’t want monetizing a blog, or an income, to overshadow their central purpose, or they don’t want their readers to feel as though they are being sold to rather than offered something. Yet at the same time, they don’t

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3 Debilitating blogging fears and how to overcome them, homeschoolblogging.com

3 Debilitating Blogging Fears and How to Overcome Them

Blogging is a platform that allows you to deliver a message, serve people solutions to their problems and at the same time, create multiple streams of income. Those may take the form of affiliate commissions, your own product sales, offering services, and many more. When it comes to marketing and selling your products and services,

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How to Create a Media Kit for your Blog or Website

How to Create a Media Kit

Have you ever wondered, “How do I create a media kit?” Media kits are useful in the blogging world as you seek to grow your blog, work with brands, and network with other bloggers, but creating a media can seem a bit overwhelming. In this post, I hope to cover the basics of creating a

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How to Pitch a Business for Sponsorship on your Blog

How to Pitch to Businesses for Sponsorship on Your Blog

Brands are finally beginning to notice that brand recognition and product promotion is best done with the help of a blogger. Selling to homesteaders who live in large cities? There’s a blog for that. Need an audience of women over 50 who travel? There’s a blog for that. How about moms who cook from scratch

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Everything you need to know about affiliate links, how they work, and why you should click them!

Affiliate Links: what are they and how do they work?

Do you know what an affiliate link is? Do you know how they work? In the blogging world an affiliate link is a link that has been encoded with a tracking cookie. The tracking cookie keeps track of money spent and applies it to the unique code that was clicked on. Then the company linked

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How to Write Amazing Product Reviews

So, You Want To Write Reviews

Curriculum vendors sending you hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for free and all you’ve got to do is post about it on your blog? Sounds like a good gig, but there’s much more to writing reviews than that. Writing quality reviews requires an investment of time on your part (and often your children’s part),

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Valid Reasons Why Companies Should Pay Bloggers for Reviews

Why Companies Should Pay for Reviews

This isn’t going to be a very popular post with the business crowd, but it has to be said and explained because I have heard and seen so much confusion over the topic of paying for reviews on blogs. It is a blogger’s prerogative whether or not they charge for reviewing a product.  Many bloggers

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How to Use Affiliate Links in Blog Posts

How to Use Affiliate Links in Blog Posts

  Let’s face it, earning affiliate commissions helps support your blog and your family. But, most readers do not want to read blogs with a lot of hype about buying products. They want to know more about you and read stories about your life or your niche. So, how can you include affiliate links without

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How Much Time Product Review Really Take

Warning: Product Reviews Take Time

Dear XYZ Company, I am so glad you asked me to review your product; however, I must tell you a few things about how product reviews work and why your review will not be up on my blog next week or maybe even next month. First of all, if your product is as fantastic as

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Attending a convention as a blogger? Here is a great list of do's and don'ts

Homeschool Convention Bloggers and What You Need to Know

For the past few years, homeschool conventions and bloggers have joined forces to bring awareness for the various conventions that are hosted across the US. This venture goes beyond sponsors and guest posts.  It now stretches beyond the screen bringing bloggers and social media influencers into the heart of the convention with: blogger meet-ups conversations

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