How to Create a Media Kit for your Blog or Website

How to Create a Media Kit

Have you ever wondered, “How do I create a media kit?” Media kits are useful in the blogging world as you seek to grow your blog, work with brands, and network with other bloggers, but creating a media can seem a bit overwhelming. In this post, I hope to cover the basics of creating a

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How to Build a Relationship with Potential Sponsors

5 Tips to Build Relationships With Potential Sponsors

Today I want to share with you five tips that have helped me build relationships with several of my favorite homeschool companies and achieve sponsorship on various levels. I remember the day that I obeyed God’s call to become a blogger. I really didn’t want to do it, however I knew that God was leading

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How to Pitch a Business for Sponsorship on your Blog

How to Pitch to Businesses for Sponsorship on Your Blog

Brands are finally beginning to notice that brand recognition and product promotion is best done with the help of a blogger. Selling to homesteaders who live in large cities? There’s a blog for that. Need an audience of women over 50 who travel? There’s a blog for that. How about moms who cook from scratch

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How to Write Amazing Product Reviews

So, You Want To Write Reviews

Curriculum vendors sending you hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for free and all you’ve got to do is post about it on your blog? Sounds like a good gig, but there’s much more to writing reviews than that. Writing quality reviews requires an investment of time on your part (and often your children’s part),

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Valid Reasons Why Companies Should Pay Bloggers for Reviews

Why Companies Should Pay for Reviews

This isn’t going to be a very popular post with the business crowd, but it has to be said and explained because I have heard and seen so much confusion over the topic of paying for reviews on blogs. It is a blogger’s prerogative whether or not they charge for reviewing a product.  Many bloggers

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Attending a convention as a blogger? Here is a great list of do's and don'ts

Homeschool Convention Bloggers and What You Need to Know

For the past few years, homeschool conventions and bloggers have joined forces to bring awareness for the various conventions that are hosted across the US. This venture goes beyond sponsors and guest posts.  It now stretches beyond the screen bringing bloggers and social media influencers into the heart of the convention with: blogger meet-ups conversations

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