Blog Sponsorship 101

You’ve worked hard to build a beautifully designed, professional looking blog.

You’ve created amazing content and have begun to build an engaged audience.

The next step is to begin to make income from your blog!

Blog sponsorship {also known as blog advertising} is a GREAT way to bring in significant income, introduce your readers to new companies/products, and build ongoing relationships with brands.

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But how?

What exactly is a blog sponsorship?

How do you find potential sponsors?

Are there different types of blog sponsorships?

How much should you charge?

What can you offer a blog sponsor?

What should you include in a blog sponsorship pitch?

When you are contacted by potential sponsors, how do you determine which ones are a good fit?

The Working With Sponsors 10-session mini-course will answer all of these questions and more. You’ll receive access to 10 lessons along with an assignment for each lesson.

Click here to enroll now! The Blog Sponsorship 101 course will be FREE through 9/23/18. 

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