As a blogger, should you work for money or product? Here are a few ways to decide.

Blogging for Money or Product: The Win-Win Situation Method

There is much talk of whether or not bloggers should work with companies for money or for product.  Many are of the mindset that bloggers spend a lot of time writing posts and promoting product and deserve to be paid in lieu of or in addition to any product the company they are working with

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Valid Reasons Why Companies Should Pay Bloggers for Reviews

Why Companies Should Pay for Reviews

This isn’t going to be a very popular post with the business crowd, but it has to be said and explained because I have heard and seen so much confusion over the topic of paying for reviews on blogs. It is a blogger’s prerogative whether or not they charge for reviewing a product.  Many bloggers

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How Much Time Product Review Really Take

Warning: Product Reviews Take Time

Dear XYZ Company, I am so glad you asked me to review your product; however, I must tell you a few things about how product reviews work and why your review will not be up on my blog next week or maybe even next month. First of all, if your product is as fantastic as

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Attending a convention as a blogger? Here is a great list of do's and don'ts

Homeschool Convention Bloggers and What You Need to Know

For the past few years, homeschool conventions and bloggers have joined forces to bring awareness for the various conventions that are hosted across the US. This venture goes beyond sponsors and guest posts.  It now stretches beyond the screen bringing bloggers and social media influencers into the heart of the convention with: blogger meet-ups conversations

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The real reasons why homeschool companies need bloggers

Why Homeschool Companies Need Bloggers

Our world is changing.  The way we send and receive information is changing right along with it.  In this day and age, homeschool companies cannot afford to ignore the internet and social media. They also can’t afford to ignore bloggers as one of their greatest online resources.   Bloggers have reach. Bloggers know the social

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