How to Use Affiliate Links in Blog Posts

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Let’s face it, earning affiliate commissions helps support your blog and your family. But, most readers do not want to read blogs with a lot of hype about buying products. They want to know more about you and read stories about your life or your niche.

So, how can you include affiliate links without a lot of hype? Basically, I recommend writing posts that are helpful to your readers. Show them you care about them and want to let them know what is working for you and your family. Here are 3 ways I’ve included affiliate links that are very natural.

How to Use Affiliate Links in Blog Posts

Hyperlink Products in a List

One of my favorite types of blog posts is “the list.” Everyone wants a list of your favorite books, resources, products, and so forth.

  • Lists of our favorite books to read aloud
  • Lists of my favorite homeschooling books
  • Lists of our favorite activities.

Each list includes items that are available on Amazon. I hyperlink those items with my Amazon affiliate link.

Tell Your Story

When you review a product, tell your story. Include ways you are personally using that product.

  • If you are reviewing a curriculum, show how it helped your family in your homeschool.
  • If you are reviewing a book, tell stories about the impact the book has had on your life.
  • If you use a product, tell stories of how you’ve used it.

As you tell your story, be sure to include images that “show” your story. Hyperlink each photo with your affiliate link.

I have found that the affiliate links that are the most lucrative for me are the ones that I genuinely use and LOVE.

Use Video!

Your readers are very visual. They link to see products in use to determine whether or not they would find them useful. If you share videos of yourself or your family using products that you are promoting with affiliate links on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, be sure to share the links to those videos in blog posts as well!

In closing, let me share one last tip. I try to call my affiliate products ‘resources’.

“Resource” sounds like an item that will help your readers; “product” sounds like an item to be sold to your readers. It is a subtle difference, but people are more accepting of resources than products.

As you plan your next blog post to promote an affiliate item, remember to be natural & encouraging. Your readers will be glad, and you’ll make more affiliate commissions in the long run.


This post was originally written in 2013 by Kerry Beck for It was updated, edited, and re-published in 2018 by Heather Bowen, owner.


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