How to Monetize Your Blog and Not Sell Your Soul

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So often, I hear bloggers talk about how their blogging goals don’t include making money. They don’t want monetizing a blog, or an income, to overshadow their central purpose, or they don’t want their readers to feel as though they are being sold to rather than offered something.

Yet at the same time, they don’t understand that monetizing their blog can be a great opportunity to offer their readers more. By setting up your blog in a way that generates profit, you’re able to reach more promising fans give your readers a better experience.

With blog revenue, you can do a number of things that may lift the load of running a blog and open you up to providing more content and favorable practices. You can cover the overhead costs of running a blog, hire help for front/backend tasks, and even take courses to further your blogging knowledge.

Whether your sole purpose is to quit your day job, make an income to help support your family, share the Gospel, help other homeschool moms, or just have a creative outlet, you can monetize your blog without selling your soul.

how to monetize your blog

1. Be true to yourself

There’s nothing worse than someone who lives two separate lives. The best thing that you can do for your blog is to be the same person online as you are offline. If you’re a friendly person, portray that in your writing. If you’re a sort of comedian, let your readers see that. Build that faith up.

Don’t be an unattainable image that your audience can’t relate to. You are what makes your blog unique, you are what sets your blog apart from the other million-trillion blogs out there, remember that. If it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t matter how much money you can make from it. In the end, your self-worth is more important.

2. Be honest

When your readers, your fans, come to your blog they expect you to be straightforward with them. They keep coming back, they keep reading, they join your email list, follow you on social media, and share your posts with their friends because something you said, or did, resonated with them. And they like that.

Be truthful in anything that you review or share. If there is a product that you love, share it. But don’t be willy-nilly with your sharing just to make some money. Your readers are like your virtual friends, don’t lead them astray. If you break their trust, the next time you’re actually genuine, they may question it. They expect you to always be forthright, so don’t disappoint them.

3. Learn how to say no

You get a big money offer from a company you love asking you to promote their product. I know this may sound crazy, but don’t immediately say yes. You really need to weigh the options. Is this something that your readers will be interested in? Is this a product that you can really get behind? Does it align with your blog’s focus? Can you do the company’s money justice?

If you can say “No” to any one of those questions, you need to politely decline. Money is not worth selling out your clout. Tell that company point blank, “I love your product and your brand. I would absolutely like to accept your offer. However, I don’t think _ would inspire my readers over to your site, and I couldn’t accept your money in good faith knowing that it wouldn’t produce good results for your end.” This is honorable!

4. Be fair

You get a product to review that turns out to be terrible, what do you do? First, consult the company to see if they can make it right. If they do, make sure your readers know that the company is dependable and share the experience you had with them.

If they choose not to, you can make the choice as to whether you will post or not. However, you should NEVER “out” a company in a manner that will affect your future opportunities. You can be honest, you can share your experience, but don’t let one bad apple ruin your witness.

5. Work hard

No matter what kind of blogger you are, you should work hard to be the best that you can be. Whether it be to achieve goals, help others, make money, or create; whatever your “why” is, work hard to accomplish it. If you work hard at being your best, there is no reason you shouldn’t feel confident about it being worth a wage.

Even the Bible tells us that the worker is worthy of his hire (Luke 10:7). If you are being honest in your endeavors, providing valuable content, and truly working to fulfill your potential, then there is no reason you shouldn’t feel satisfied in accepting a paycheck.

No matter where you find yourself in all of that, or what your purpose is, these simple business practices can help you to monetize your blog without lying, feeling bad about it, or being sales-y/fake. In all, making you a more successful blogger, and your fans more dedicated.

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