How to Launch a Blog: 20 BEST Practice Tips

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Do you want to know how to launch a successful blog?

Well, your desire for a great blog is a good start. But that desire is also held by millions of other newbie and prospective bloggers. What tips do you need to ensure that your blog thrives after its launch date? I agree with you that the wide array of blogs is an indication that blogging can be a success. But let’s face it, not all blogs that are launched turn out to be successful. Actually, 98% of blogs will fail. So, how do you launch and sustain a successful blog? For starters, you should read and implement these tips:

Clarify your purpose for blogging

Why do you want to launch a blog? Maybe you are a professional that needs an outlet to impart your knowledge. Or maybe you are an entertainer. Some of you just need a home for the voices in their heads.  Irrespective of your driving force, you must identify your purpose.

Who is your target audience?

Is a blog really a blog without an audience? As a writer, you write with an audience in mind. It is important to identify your target before launch. This will help you to develop appropriate content.

Discover your blogging niche

This is important as it ensures that you go with a niche that you are passionate about. That way, your blog won’t die in a couple of weeks for lack of ideas.

Choosing a blogging platform

This is where the purpose of your blog comes into play. There are various blogging platforms that you can choose from such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Squarespace. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis and choose what works for you. I highly recommend using– especially if you have plans of blogging professionally.

Evaluate hosting platforms

Have you ever heard about the self-hosting vs. being hosted debate? The former’s benefits include choice of domain and technical support. But this comes at a cost. Most beginners prefer to be hosted as it’s free. There’s also the advantage of avoiding to learn basic code such as HTML. However, this options limits your monetization as you can’t have adverts from third parties. If you plan to blog professionally, self-hosted is your only option. I highly recommend purchasing hosting through their customer service is exceptional.

Choose a relevant domain name

This is your identity on the web. You should thus choose a name that is relevant to your blog’s purpose but memorable. I also recommend purchasing your domain through

Explore ways of customizing your blog

Have you ever visited a blog and gotten amazed at its design? A good design will give your readers a good first impression. It will also make their user experience pleasurable. On the other hand, a poorly designed, hard to navigate blog will likely cause frustration and will ensure that visitors don’t return to your blog.

Explore the technicalities of a blog

You should begin by thinking about structure- what will be the layout of your blog. Is it audio-visual or text or a blend of both? Now that you chose your hosting platform, what security does your blog have against hackers? If the worst were to happen, do you have back-up? What sort of features and plug-ins do you want to install on your blog?

Learn the basics of SEO

SEO is your friend. Over 90% of all internet traffic originates in a search engine.  Learn about long-tail keywords and strategic optimization. Google ranking will love you and you will be thankful for the traffic.

Understand content creation

This is where you appreciate the need for understanding your audience. Other tips include infusing SEO, writing informative posts and prolific publishing.

Educate yourself on content theft

Did you know that anytime you post content on your blog it becomes vulnerable to content thieves? It is thus important that before you launch your blog, you learn how you can protect your content.

Learn about your competition

Why, you might ask? To learn from them. What are they doing differently? Why are their blogs so successful? This is not a call for imitation but a call for developing effective competitive strategies.

Explore ways of monetizing your blog

Did you know you can make money from blogging? Explore the various options that you can use to monetize your blog. Some of the most popular options include: ad networks, affiliate monetization, selling your own products and services, sponsored content, etc.

Promote intensely

Great content or not if you don’t promote your blog, you won’t get any traffic! Make social media and mailing lists your friend.


Many new bloggers make the mistake of assuming that their great content will attract readers. But you won’t repeat this mistake, will you? Network widely; join communities of probable readers and fellow bloggers.

Develop relevant sections

Before you launch your blog, decide what you would like to include in the ‘about me’ section. You should also have a contacts page encouraging your readers to sign up.

Draft your welcome email

This will be your first contact in the blogosphere. It should be engaging, give a glimpse of your authentic self and entice readers to sign up for more great content.

Hello, mailing list!

Remember encouraging your readers to sign up? The result of that is a mailing list. This is important as it will help you promote your content to a willing audience. Not sure how to nurture your email list? I will show you how!

Invest in time and effort

Did you think blogging could be effortless? Sorry, to break your heart. Successful bloggers all have one secret in common- they have invested time and effort in building great blogs.

Be the authentic and fun blogger

Trust me; I would have had so much fun if I knew of these 20 tips before I launched my blog.


I hope this helps you grow the blog of your dreams, good luck!

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