30 Days to SEO Mastery

According to a recent study, 90% of all internet traffic originates from a search engine!

If you are a blogger and/or business owner haven’t been focusing on SEO {search engine optimization}, you are missing out on a TON of traffic.

Like you, I had heard other bloggers and business owners go on and on about the importance of SEO, but in my mind, it was just “another thing” to add to my already too full plate.

Boy, was I wrong?! And, if you’re of the same mindset, so are you!

The problem was, I had NO clue where to begin. I started out by doing research and trying implement what I was reading…but, it all seemed like a different language to me. I couldn’t make sense of anything. Finally, after months of learning this new SEO language and making small tweaks to my blog posts, the light came on and I finally understood just why SEO is so important.

Prior to beginning my focus on SEO, my monthly page views had plateaued. That is no longer the case. In the past 90 days, my monthly pageviews have more than doubled {and topped one million page views last month!}, as did my blog post conversion rates, and therefore my monthly income significantly increased as well. The ONLY change that I made to contribute to these increases has been focusing on SEO of my blog, posts, and images.

As a blogger and business owner, I’ve found that SEO isn’t an option. Just like building an effective email list, SEO is something that I MUST focus on if I want be successful as an online entrepreneur.

I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned and implemented over the past several months and included it in this easy to understand, self-paced 30 Days to SEO Mastery course. Each day focuses on a specific area of SEO and includes a lesson and assignment. Scroll down to see the full course outline.

The 30 Days to SEO Mastery Course is open!

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Course outline:

  1. What’s the Big Deal About SEO?
  2. Importance of Keywords
  3. What is YOUR Audience Searching For?
  4. Basics of Keyword Rich Titles
  5. Introduction to Heading Tags
  6. Basics of On-Page SEO
  7. How to Write for Readers AND Search Bots
  8. How to Write an Effective Post Title
  9. How to Use Keywords and Phrases in Body of Content
  10. How to Properly SEO Images
  11. Formatting Content for SEO
  12. SEO Plugins to Make Your Life Easier
  13. Keyword Tools
  14. Benefits of Inbound Links {and how to use them}
  15. How to Use Outbound Links
  16. How to Boost Web Authority
  17. Social Media & SEO
  18. How SEO Boosts Conversions and Sales
  19. How to Track SEO Results/Efforts
  20. How to Get Readers to Share Your Posts
  21. All About Latent Semantic Indexing
  22. How and Why to Use Long Tail Keywords
  23. Using Google to Find Keywords and Content Ideas
  24. What to do with Outdated Content
  25. Going Deep and Wide with Content
  26. How to Use Bolding and Italics Effectively
  27. The Importance of Epic/Cornerstone Content
  28. Multimedia Content
  29. How to Help Bots Find Your SEO Content {robot text files and indexes}
  30. Wrapping it all up

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