Create an Authentic Online Presence (Without Getting Lost in the Masses)

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As a relatively new blogger who thought a whole lot about blogging for years before she “got serious about it”, I can say that this was my number one fear. There are so many bloggers, especially homeschool bloggers. It seems that among us homeschool moms, there’s a tendency to want to share what’s working for us and what we’ve learned on our journey to encourage and inspire others. This is definitely not a bad thing.
create an authentic online presence
However, when you are considering doing the same, you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the noise. It seems like someone you know launches a blog every day. We all have something to say and with the freedom and reach of the internet… Why not?
I’ve learned a couple of things in my short time of blogging that I do want to share. I believe that understanding these points in advance can help you overcome fears about being completely lost and unread… Therefore you can operate out of YOUR strengths, carving out an authentic space online where you share the gifts God has endowed you with.
Here are some ideas for you to consider when getting started:
1- Realize that there are a LOT of voices online, but many are not consistent. What does that mean? It means that I’ve found that in order to not be glossed over by readers, you must consistently be top of mind. You can’t write a great post, share it a few times, not get the feedback you’d hoped for, and disappear for a few months. Your writing, your presence must consistent. Why? People won’t take your writing seriously if you don’t. 
2- Make sure you’re called to blogging and are indeed committing to your best yes. God has endowed each of us with specific gifts, and we are to tend and utilize them well to honor and glorify him. Some people do that through their profession, others through raising their children, some through teaching, some through writing. There are many gifts, and we each have our own unique space in the body of Christ. Before you dive into blogging and utilize time and money in doing so, make sure you’re seeking and LISTENING to God’s will for your days. You don’t have to be an exceptional writer to blog, but I have found that in order to be consistent and grow, blogging needs to be God’s best for you. 
3- Be yourself. I know that’s so said, it’s just cliche at this point, but hear me friends. As I’ve walked through the first 6 months of my blogging career, I’ve taken classes, followed good advice, and watched what others who are ahead of me do. What I’ve realized is that because I’m seeking God’s calling on my life and looking to him at each turn, my space IS authentic. My niche being an interesting mix of so many different women, in different seasons, with different needs means that I can’t follow a cookie cutter process that works well for others. I have to look at MY audience and serve them authentically. I have to be willing to do things differently, be transparent and real, and keep walking where God is calling me. 
4- Realize the world is REALLY BIG. Sometimes, with the ability to see or speak to someone anywhere on earth at any time, it can seem like the world is kind of small. It can seem like we will be one of a million bloggers and so where would we find any leftover readers who’d want to read what we are writing? First, the world is HUGE. There are billions of people and your audience potential is the whole world. Second, you don’t need millions of readers to be successful. Depending upon what your definition of success is, you might just need a few hundred or a couple of thousand. If your definition of success is just touching one person, then you’ll likely easily accomplish it. Third, people that read other blogs will ALSO read your blog. You’re not looking for leftovers friend- there’s a TON of space with room for all of us. It’s not a competition, it’s a community. 
I hope you’ll be encouraged to seek God for his best, listen for His answers, and dive into what you’ve been called to do with all of your heart, trusting Him to bless you where he’s put you. Step out, without fear friend, pour your heart into your work, and enjoy the blessings of encouraging others in their walk.
If you’re wondering how you can manage to get all this work done consistently without neglecting your family, you can read about my techniques here. 

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