So You’re Ready for a Virtual Assistant

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There comes a time in everyone’s blogging journey that you begin to realize that you simply can not do everything that is required in the blogging world. After all, marketing your content is a full-time job and that doesn’t even include actually writing the content, creating products, writing emails and your regular website upkeep. This is where a virtual assistant comes in. Most of the time, we all know that we need a virtual assistant but are uncertain of how to get started on the journey of obtaining the type of virtual assistant that they need.

When Seeking a Virtual Assistant You Need to…

  1. Know what it is that you are needing help with: Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses. Your new VA should complete the business you. Meaning that their strengths should be the things that you are not good at. Find that person who can build up what you have been struggling to complete. There is not a blogging task that has been created that there is not a VA for. So no matter what you are seeking there is a virtual assistant for you.
  2. Know what your budget is: Once you know what you are looking for you need to know what you can afford. Most VAs have a price point and are more than welcome to share with you what that is. However, once you release the news that you are looking to hire you will become overwhelmed with the offers.
  3. Ask advice on whom to use as a VA: Don’t be afraid to ask others who they use for their service needs. Dare to even ask the tasks they have a virtual assistant for. This gives you a great starting point on your search plus a person isn’t going to speak highly of a virtual assistant who is unworthy of the recommendation.
  4. Set up an agreement: Once you have found your virtual assistant set up a clear-cut agreement. One that clearly outlines the virtual assistant’s duties. This agreement also needs to outline your obligation to them as well.
  5. Enjoy: Once you have a virtual assistant you can finally relax. Mind you, there is still lots of work to do to continue to grow your business.

Hiring a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be a dreaded process. In fact, it should be an exciting time for you and your small business. Hopefully, these tips will help it be an easier transition.

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