How to Take a Break from Blogging Like a BOSS

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There are times that taking a break from your blog will be necessary. It may be for personal reasons like the birth of a new baby or a family vacation, or it may be for professional reasons like the publication of a book or even mental burnout.

The key to taking a blogging break is understanding when to step back and how to prepare for the unavoidable.


It is true that to have a successful blog you must have consistent content streaming on your blog, to your subscribers, and on social media. It is also true that you are a homeschool mom so you will inevitably have life interrupt your professional endeavors. How can you simultaneously prepare for the known and the unknown without stressing about it? There are six things you need to consider.

Keep a Calendar

The first thing you need to do to stay on top of your year, is to create a calendar. A content calendar will keep you consistent and hold you accountable. A family calendar will help you determine when you need to plan for known blogging breaks. Grab Talking Mom2Mom’s Blogging & Small Business Planner HERE!

Batch Your Blog Content

Once you have your content calendar ready, set aside blocks of time to create and schedule multiple posts at a time. If you have a number of posts ready ahead of time and scheduled this will allow for wiggle room in your personal schedule when life happens to throw you a curve ball for a few weeks and you have to step back from your normal work routine to attend other pressing priorities.

Revive Old Content

If you have been blogging for at least a year you may have some old content that could use some revision. If you hit a season of burnout and just don’t have any inspiration for writing new content, consider taking old content and sprucing it up with some new images, improved SEO and updated content additions. This method of reviving old content can help boost traffic to great posts that deserve more attention.


If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you start using an automation app for promoting your content on social media. There are so many options out there. Facebook even allows you to schedule for free right from your business page. Batching your social media scheduling will keep you looking consistent even if you can’t be physically present for a period of time.

Social media is also a time waster. By using these automation tools, it will keep you from wasting time on social media that you could be using to funnel into more important areas of your business.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

This may cut into your budget initially but it is SO worth it if you can afford it. Hiring a virtual assistant will keep you consistent and also add to your bottom line. If you need to take a step back from your blog for a time whether planned or unplanned a virtual assistant can keep things running smoothly in your absence.


Ultimately, it is important that you plan for what you can and when life interrupts not to let it get you down. I have had to take abrupt breaks from blogging before that I did not prepare for and when I came back a month or so later I was able to pick up just where I left off and my blog didn’t suffer for it.

We are often harder on ourselves as bloggers than our subscribers are. It is important to relax and let go a little. Life happens. Planning is important. Following the steps listed above will keep you accountable and organized. Enlisting help from automated tools and knowledgeable assistants will just take you a step further in keeping you sane, making you money, and helping you succeed. Blogging breaks are inevitable and often necessary, so plan for them like the BOSS you are.

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