10 Mistakes to Avoid as a Work from Home Mom

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Being a mom comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you have ever had an 8-5 job and been a mother at the same time, you understand what I mean. The worst part is wanting to spend time with your family, but can’t because you have to report to a job. But, if you are a work from home mom, everything changes.

Work from home moms have the freedom to watch over their family as you managing their business. They can also set their own work hours. However, most of us tend to make some mistakes due to the freedom we enjoy as work from home moms.

While working at home can be a plus for your family, you might end up making the following mistakes. But with a little planning and forethought, these can easily be avoided.

Lacking a designated workplace/working space

While you have the freedom to work from any place at home, having a specific working space makes you more organized and focused. I know many moms like working from their bed, the coach or the dining table, which can be fine in short stints. However, it is important to have an exclusive place that is business-like and tidy. Not only can you be more organized, you can also walk away from your desk when you are done.

Staying in your pajamas the entire day

Sometimes we tend to be busy with this and that as moms. After waking up and preparing your family, you might take a shower and wear your PJ’s again. It’s one of the most unsung perks of being a work from home mom. But think about this…what if you had a sudden video call from a client? You need to be smartly dressed to avoid feeling lazy and sluggish. And getting dressed can also help you feel more productive and ready to work.

Mixing up priorities

I must admit that this is my biggest struggle. When I have too many projects, I tend to be confused about what to do first. While I know that my family should be first then my work, I tend to mix things up at times. If you experience this, you might want to have a “to do list “starting with the most important things first. Then, I typically go through and sort them by due dates and work my way down. This helps me focus and get the most important projects done first.

Having irregular working hours

Sometimes being a work from home mom can be tricky since you have so many different ‘hats’ to wear, not to mention the constant distractions. For instance, you might start working in the morning, and an hour later, the baby starts crying. Children can make it quite hard to have a specific work schedule. However, I realized several years ago that I could work when I have fewer distractions. If you’re a morning person, wake up and work as early as 4.am when everyone is still asleep. If you’re a night owl, like me, stay up after everyone is in bed and work late into the night. Either way, this can help you focus and have less distractions, thus making you more productive.

Failing to take a day off

While you may enjoy the freedom of working at your own time, you might also find yourself too busy to take a day off. You may get one project after another and never know when you will be free. The best thing is to set aside a day or two during the week to spend time with your family. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air together as a family.

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Lacking clear communication

Working remotely can be tricky when it comes to communication. Poor communication can lead to loss of clients. You need to be clear in this. If you know, you won’t beat the deadline, inform the client as soon as possible and keep your promise. If your clients aren’t active on email, look for another way to reach them quickly.

Failing to plan your meals in advance

Anything that affects your family affects your job too. If you don’t plan what you will eat for lunch or dinner, you will be worried as you work during the day. You might not concentrate on your work. To make things easier, try planning ahead for a week or even month at a time.

Lacking a backup technology

If you run an online business, technology is a must, and you need a backup. Sometimes technology fails, but that should not be a reason for not meeting your deadlines. Computers crash, internet services fail, and power may be a problem. Always ensure that you have a backup plan just in case.

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Having distractions

I get distracted easily when an email pops up, or social media notifications ding, I quickly lose focus. It’s easy to get sucked in and end up spending 30-minutes replying to comments on social media. You need to avoid distractions, both online and offline when working. I have found muting notifications, closing my email (unless I’m waiting on a response) and using the Kill News Feed extension have helped me immensely.

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Not taking good care of yourself

Being a work at home mom means that you not only have to handle your online business and family, but also your well being. One of the things that we easily overlook is physical activity. Due to physical inactivity, many work from home moms tend to easily put on extra weight. This can lead to lifestyle-related diseases like obesity, high blood pressure and many more. Try to take breaks and do some physical activities or sign up for the Homeschool Mom Fitness Program that is perfect for the busy, work from home, homeschooling mom!

While working from home can be a blessing, being disciplined and focused is key, just like any other job. Learning to balance everything amidst your busy schedule and avoid the above mistakes will take time, but with adequate planning, you can do it!

What mistakes have you made as a work from home mom?

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