Warning: Product Reviews Take Time

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How Much Time Product Review Really Take

Dear XYZ Company,

I am so glad you asked me to review your product; however, I must tell you a few things about how product reviews work and why your review will not be up on my blog next week or maybe even next month.

First of all, if your product is as fantastic as I’m sure it is, I don’t want to just glance over it and use it with my children for a couple of weeks so I can give a glowing review of a product I don’t really know.  I want to dive in, dig in, and learn all the wonderful things it has to offer. This takes time.  Without the ability to do that, I can’t offer an adequate or authentic review.

I want my readers to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have used your product and that my review is solid and comprehensive.  I want them to trust me.  I want them to trust you.

Trust takes time.

The review you want and the time I need are complimentary and necessary.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


A Professional Homeschool Blogger Who Wants the Best Possible Results for your Review



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