Save Your Professional Blogging Career By Taking Breaks

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When you start the journey of becoming a blogger it isn’t always with a professional blogging career in mind. It might be your “mommy time”, a way to put your feelings to “paper” or how you document your homeschooling journey. A professional blogging career can be an amazing blessing to your family’s finances.  It is important that you know why taking blogging breaks is not only needed, but is necessary for your professional blogging career.

If you’re not careful to manage your time at work – and – away from work, you’ll likely find your professional blogging career in need of saving. There are steps that you can take to ensure that you do not reach that point in your professional blogging career. First, you need to recognize why a professional blogger needs to take breaks.

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Why a Professional Blogger Needs to Take Breaks

  • Faith

Your faith is an essential part of your life. If you don’t put your faith first, above your professional blogging career, you’ll find more than one thing out of balance in your life shortly.

  • Family

Professional blogging can be a tremendous blessing to your family in more ways than one, but you must ensure that it doesn’t take over your time and keep you from your family.

  • Self Care

You need to take care of you. Professional bloggers have an extra plate to balance on top of all of their other responsibilities. You must ensure that you make time for yourself.

  • Life

There is a beautiful world outside of the internet that is just waiting to be explored. That is where life happens. The blogging “world” is where work happens for professional bloggers, but the great outdoors  — that is where life is!

Understanding why you, as a professional blogger, need to take breaks is important. However, knowing why breaks can save your professional blogging career is essential. Especially if you know before it actually needs saving!

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How Breaks Can Save Your Professional Blogging Career

  • Inspiration

Professional blogging requires a lot of ideas, creativity and inspiration. If you’re constantly putting out content and resources without taking breaks, you will eventually run out of inspiration, which your career desperately requires. It is truly amazing how much inspiration shows up when a professional blogger takes a break.

  • Sleep

Sleep is likely one of the things you give us when you begin a professional blogging career. Your family and home can’t be left out or unattended, so sleep is often the first thing to go. When a professional blogger takes a break, sleep needs to be one their top priorities.

  • Confidence

The blogging world is huge! At times a professional blogger can feel like a tiny fish in the sea and begin to wonder whether or not what they’re doing really matters. Taking a break gives you the opportunity to remember why you started a professional blogging career and what your mission is as a professional blogger – both of which will boost your confidence anew!

  • Stress

It seems like every single day there is something new to the world of blogging. Whether it be a social media’s new algorithm, a platform’s newest update or a deadline looming over your head, stress is part of every professional blogger’s life. It is because of these facts (and more) that you need to take a break and leave the stress of your professional blogging career behind. They will be there tomorrow. Have no doubt — they will be waiting for you.

A professional blogging career doesn’t have a set schedule or doors you can walk out and leave to go home. You have to be diligent in setting (and sticking to) a schedule yourself. Taking breaks is a must, but again, that falls on you to actually see it through. Your professional blogging career depends on it.

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