How to Properly Update Your Old Blog Posts

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There are so many different ways to help increase your blog traffic. However, by doing one simple change, you can drastically increase your traffic! If you’ve been blogging for a while, there are probably a ton of old posts that you haven’t looked at in years. By revamping these posts, you can bring life back to them and start receiving new traffic from your old posts! Here are some tips on how to properly update your old blog posts.

Add new Pinterest images

If your design or even blog name has changed, you need to go back and fix all of those old post images! This is also important if you have horizontal blog images instead of vertical ones. First, start by going through your most popular posts and work back towards your least popular. Once you’ve updated your images, go ahead and add it to your Pinterest schedule.

Add keywords

Keywords are not just important for SEO, but your Google Ranking through SEO as well. Your blog post should mention your chosen keyword several times in order to rank high in search engines. You may need to research a new keyword or start from scratch depending on how old your post is. Updating keywords can not only help you with getting new traffic from search engines but help you optimize your site as well.

Go through your links and update if needed

Go through your old post and look for places where you may have an opportunity to link to another post or affiliate. If your post doesn’t have many links, now is a good time to add them! Add a related posts section to your post and share any relevant links that your readers might be interested in. While you’re in there, look for any dead links that may exist and replace them.

Add to your old post

Give your old post a little extra love by adding some new information, new content, or even adding a whole new section to your blog post. Depending on the subject, it may be time to add in new thoughts on the topic or even change them. For example, if you reviewed a product and are going back to update it a year later, note your thoughts in the post. Your readers will love it!

Improve the readability

Most of us have a few hidden demons lurking in the backlogs of posts we’ve done. We have archives packed full of our less than stellar work. Take the time to read through them and improve them as you go. Break up your post into smaller paragraphs to improve readability, and even consider removing sections that don’t read well. As more eyes see these pages, they are more likely to critique things like poor grammar and misspellings.

Delete spam comments

If any spam comments have gone through the cracks, take this time to get rid of them. They’ll hurt your page, and make your post look less credible. It’s easy to get rid of them and delete is a wonderful tool.

Updating your blog posts might take some time. But with a little bit of diligence and know-how, I promise you that the effort is so worth it! And if done properly, you should see an increase in traffic and revenue almost immediately.

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  1. Its realy good and helpful tips especially for beginners like me!

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