Master Pinterest with these Time-Saving Tools

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Pinterest is an amazing tool for bloggers. Since its launch in March of 2010, the image-based platform quickly grew in popularity. In just two years after its launch, it was ranked third in popularity of all the social networks. Since then, Pinterest has become a powerhouse in marketing. It drives traffic like a search engine and with the new features like promoted pins, rich pins, and enhanced search, it’s even better for marketing and traffic.

Pinterest has over 150 million users and many of those people are looking to Pinterest for help with crafts, recipes, fashion, you name it!If you want to make the most of Pinterest, these great time-saving tools can help you. They’ll make it easier for you to manage your account and you won’t have to spend hours on Pinterest (unless you just want to).


This great analytics tool is more than just vanity metrics. It will help you track followers and engagement trends. It will help you look at likes, re-pins, comments and more. You can see all the stats at a deeper level, helping you determine who is looking at your pins and why. It also helps you see fan engagement over time and see when your audience is responding to your pins. Historical stats, performance summaries, keywords, hashtags, source URLs, and more will help you get the most out of your Pinterest account.  With the tribes feature you can easily share and be shared among similar bloggers.  They are also rolling out a new smart loop feature that will keep your content circulating without the extra work on your part.

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Here’s a tool that’s not just for Pinterest, but that definitely helps you with Pinterest. It also works with Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook so you can save a lot of time by scheduling and managing things together. You can schedule your posts for any and all of those sites from one tool and it also has a browser extension that makes it super easy to pick your images. Plans are affordable and you’ll save so much time with Viraltag than doing everything manually.

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Social Pilot 

This is another social media management tool that isn’t just for Pinterest.  You can pretty much manage all of your social media accounts all in one place with Social Pilot.  Being able to schedule content to multiple outlets at the same time is such a time-saver!  Social Pilot provides analytics, the ability to manage your social media team, bulk scheduling, a media calendar, and more.

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This is a tool that lets you pin, follow, unfollow, and schedule all from one place. All you need to do is choose the related tags from the dashboard and click start. It does all the hard work for you, completely on autopilot. Talk about a time-saver! You can also pin directly from your website, or schedule pins in advance.

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These great time-saving tools should help you make the most of Pinterest – work smarter, not harder.  There are many benefits to using this time-saving tools.

Which of these have you used before? Do you have a favorite tool for Pinterest? Share it with us in the comments.




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