Tips to Make More Money with Affiliate Links

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Making money with affiliate links is by far one of the most popular ways to earn revenue with your website, blog or social media accounts. Affiliate programs come in all shapes, sizes, and niches. The beautiful thing about affiliate links is that you’re able to make a living off promoting someone else’s product or service. There are ways to make more money with affiliate links though, and today I’m sharing those tips to help you increase your earnings in this area of business.

tips on how to make more money with affiliate links

Choose the Right Products

If you want to make more money with affiliate links then you must choose the right products. To start making more money in this area, you will need to promote only a handful of items on a regular basis using affiliate links. Choose products that fit your niche, your audience and maybe even work well for friends and family. The right selection of products that work for people that follow you on all accounts will mean a higher chance of getting a click thru and sale.

Hyperlink in Blog Posts

Hyperlinks or text links within a blog post using your affiliate link will increase sales naturally. It’s been proven time and time again that readers have grown accustomed to seeing banner ads in their face all over the internet. Even you and I have learned to ignore banner ads, but for some reason, text links still draw attention to get the reader to click thru. Use at least 3-5 hyperlinks to an affiliate program within every blog post to make more money with your affiliate links.

Social Media Promotion

When looking to make more money with affiliate links on social media platforms, it’s important to utilize a strong call to action as well as enticing photography to get a reader to click over. While Instagram doesn’t have clickable links, you could pick to have one affiliate product you’re promoting every week and use your bio area for that affiliate link. Twitter is another great place to make more money with affiliate links, just schedule out a daily tweet promoting your handful of affiliate links once per day.

Analyze the Data

Lastly, if you really want to make more money with affiliate links you’ll need to analyze the results from your efforts. While you have tips above on how to use affiliate links in blog posts as well as on social media to make more money, you’ll need to learn to analyze your affiliate links on a regular basis. Using your affiliate dashboard area you can see how many clicks, purchases and such you’ve received and sometimes the dashboard even shows you where those clicks came from.

Now that you have few tips to make more money with affiliate links, put them to use. The best method is to really pick only a handful of products and promote them on a regular basis. The 3-5 links per blog post is a good rule of thumb to follow and a daily share on Twitter won’t hurt much either. Those are the two biggest changes you can make in your affiliate marketing tasks to ensure that you start making more money with affiliate links.

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