The Loaves and Fishes of Blogging: Encouragement for Christian Bloggers

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Today I want to look at a story in the Bible that has been a huge encouragement to me during my years of blogging.

Whether you have just begun to blog or have been blogging for years, I’m sure you have seasons where you just want to give up. You get discouraged and don’t think you are making a difference.

The Loaves and Fishes of Blogging: Encouragement for Christian Bloggers

The story I want to look at is found in Matthew of the little boy who brought his lunch of five loaves and two fishes to Jesus to feed the multitudes. Jesus had been teaching and the people were so eager to listen that they did not want to leave to go get something to eat.

This little boy brought his small lunch and Jesus took it and fed everyone with baskets left over! So much can be learned from this story, but I want to specifically look at how this applies to blogging.

Obey the call to blog.

Just as the little boy was willing to give up his lunch and bring it to Jesus, we need to be willing to obey God when he puts something on our heart — a message to share with others.

This boy gave up his lunch, probably thinking he would not get any of it, and Jesus took it, multiplied it, and the boy ended up having enough to eat to fill him up.

Your message is the same way. We can keep it to ourselves, or choose to give it up by sharing it with others. It may hurt and take some sacrifice, but God can take our message and multiply it to reach many. In return we will be blessed many times over!

Bring what you have, no matter how small it seems.

When the little boy brought the loaves and fishes to Jesus he probably thought that he wasn’t bringing very much. He probably couldn’t even see how the multitude could be fed by his little lunch. But he obeyed and brought his lunch to Jesus.

You need to do the same with your blog. You may not think that you have a very important message to share or that you have talents or gifts that God can use, but God wants you to trust Him and bring to Him what you have.

Are you ready to trust God and bring to Him what you have?

Trust that God will multiply the work of your hands.

God can take the little that we have to bring to blogging to bless many. He can use the work of our hands to spread blessing to others.

I think sometimes as bloggers we feel like we have to do all the work — the writing, the social media sharing, the marketing, the networking, and on and on. We look around us and feel like what we have to offer is so small and insignificant.

I have found that the most meaningful content that I put out there that truly touches the hearts of my readers, are those simple stories about my life and what God is showing me.

Whatever your message is that God has given you to share, trust that God is going to take what you share to reach many!

Blessed so that you can bless others.

One last area that I want to touch on is that God does not call us to do something (like blogging) so that we can get rich and hoard it all for ourselves.

This boy who brought Jesus his lunch probably thought that he would not be eating it since there were so many people to feed. He was willing to give it all up to Jesus. What did he get in return? He was fed until he was satisfied…with an abundance left over.

So it is with us.

As we surrender everything to Him (such as our blog)…come and lay it at His feet…He can take what we bring and bless it – multiply it – to not only bless us, but so that we can bless others!

How about you? Have you surrendered everything to Him? If the Lord has blessed you beyond measure, are you in turn blessing others out of that abundance?

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  1. Excellent post Sheri. I needed this encouragement today.

  2. Wow! Sheri! Over a year ago I felt the Lord telling me to blog more about my faith. I could “hear” His nudging to “just tell them.”
    I did a couple posts and then nothing.
    I really love this post it is so true! Trust God! To God be the Glory!
    Thank You for being faithful to write about Him!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Posting the link to this post is fine! So glad my post encouraged you!

  3. LOVE this post. You’ve spoken such truth to my heart today. Thanks Sheri.

  4. Great post Sheri ~ just what I needed to read as I step into some writing changes. Lord bless you!

  5. This is what I needed to stop stalling and start my blog that I’ve been paying about. Thank you!

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