Instagram Hashtags for Homeschool Bloggers

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In the blogging world, hashtags are key! Instagram is notorious for hashtags and, as a blogger, being able to use them effectively and efficiently can be a great way to get noticed by partners and grow your Instagram community. Just how many hashtags are there? Millions! But, the great thing about hashtags for homeschool bloggers is that there are specific ones that you can use to connect with your audience. If you are looking for a few simple tips about Instagram hashtags for your homeschool blog, here are some tips to help get you started!

Instagram Hashtags for Homeschool Bloggers

Simple Tips for Instagram Hashtags for Homeschool Bloggers

Use hashtags that are suitable for your audience. Hashtags such as #homeschool and #HomeEducation are great hashtag options to connect with the homeschooling audience. They send a clear message that you talk about homeschooling and are popular hashtags that people search for on Instagram.

Use variety in your hashtags. While using the same hashtags over and over is fine, it limits your reach to other possible readers and niches. Think about an aspect of homeschool blogging that is part of your life. Are you also a stay at home mom? Then why not use the hashtag #SAHM every once in a while, too? It will help generate a lot more possible traffic just by using a bit of variety in your hashtags.

Use hashtags that are age-specific. The great part about homeschooling hashtags on Instagram is you can make them age-specific! If you homeschool young or older children, there are hashtags available to use! #Tweens, #Teens, #PreK, #history, #science, you name it. The more that you can zone in on age, the more reach you may have to other homeschooling moms in the same age group.

The more you use hashtags, the quicker you will grow! If you are wanting to expand your reach in a quick manner, start implementing hashtags into your posts. You’ll be amazed at how far those little hashtags can reach people outside of your community! Don’t just sprinkle those hashtags in here and there, use them frequently and mix them up! There is nothing wrong with having multiple homeschool hashtags on each and every one of your Instagram posts. The more, the merrier!

Don’t force hashtags that aren’t suitable for your audience. While it’s important to have hashtags, they need to be relevant to your audience. Stuffing hashtags that have nothing to do with your content or your homeschooling niche will not go over well with your audience. It comes off less than genuine and looks as though you are trying to build an audience any way that you can.

When zoning in on your homeschool audience, use the best and most appropriate hashtags possible. Do your research and play around with niche-specific hashtags. After being consistent for a few weeks, you should start to notice growth for your Instagram account!

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