How to Grow Your Email List Fast

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You have 23 email subscribers and you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. The only people who are reading your blog are your family members and friends and they’re not even your target audience. You want to grow your blog income and traffic but you’re struggling with creating content and keeping up with Facebook, Pinterest, and every other social media outlet.

They say you have to have an email list so you slapped up a sign-up form in your sidebar and it’s not doing much for you. What else can you do to grow your email list quickly and build momentum with your site?

Email incentive

With the onslaught of emails hitting your inboxes, I try to keep my email subscriptions to a minimum. The lucky ones that get through to my inbox are the ones they find completely valuable. They’re sales from my favorite shops or people who I want to not miss a thing from because they’re offering really good advice that I don’t want to miss.

Create a Landing page

Just because you have a sign-up form in your sidebar, it doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Create a landing page for your email newsletter. Let everyone what they’ll get once they sign up, get them excited about your newsletters.

Once you create a landing page for your opt-in form, the only option for new readers is to sign up for it. You can create Pinterest and Facebook graphics and promote it everywhere.

Add a Pop-up

Seriously, I know you may think they’re annoying but they work. I’m not talking about the ones that pop-up after 2 seconds when you land on their site. Come on, you haven’t read the content yet, how do you know if you want to subscribe?

I like the exit intent pop-ups that show up when the reader is about to click away. The reader has had time to consume your content and form an opinion first before they choose to subscribe.

Promote on Social Media

Yes, use this space in your profile to link to your landing page that promotes your free email course or valuable email opt-in to capture new leads. You can ask people to opt-in to your newsletter on social media as well. If you have an engaged Facebook group, page or Instagram community, go ahead and ask away.

Need help designing your own email opt-ins?

The course 5 Weeks to Drool-Worthy Email Opt-ins for Bloggers will open soon. It takes you from the design aspect of creating your first printable to the tech component of adding the opt-in to your site and email marketing service.

No idea what to do with your email subscribers once they’re on your list? Heather’s course Building an Effective Email List is a must-do to grow your blogging income.

Can’t wait? Create a Simple Printable in Canva that Looks Pretty.

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