Discovering Your Brand Identity

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Before you jump into designing your site or market a product you must first develop your brand identity. Brand identity is simply the face of your business. It tells your customers what your business is about and your brand personality.

Discovering Your Brand Identity

How to Discover Your Brand Identity

Brand identity is not to be confused with branding or a logo. Brand identity includes the following components:

  • Visual aspect or design
  • Brand personality and voice
  • Brand values

Aspects of a Strong Brand Identity

  • Stands out among the competition
  • Memorable
  • Cohesive throughout the business
  • Flexible and adaptable as you expand

Questions to Ask Yourself to Develop Your Brand Identity

Who is your target customer/client/audience?

You need to know who you are marketing to in order to develop brand identity that will resonate with them. Understanding your target audience will help you understand their needs, problems, and what they expect out of your business.

How can your business solve a problem your customer faces?

Upon first glance your business should communicate how it can solve your customer’s problem or pain point. Most people are looking for something to solve a common issue they face everyday. Your business will be one of many with the same potential customer base. Which makes is vitally important that your brand communicates instantly how it can aid your customers with their pain point(s).

What do I want my brand personality to be? 

Do you want to communicate your business is serious, fun, comforting, encouraging, creative, bold, trustworthy? Of course you may want to communicate several aspects of your business. It helps to focus on how you want your customers to feel about your business. When they walk away, what impression do you want them to leave with?

How are you different? 

How do you stand out among the competition? Why should a customer come to you? Putting a unique spin on solving a customer pain point or problem is essential to creating a distinctiveness customers will find irresistible.

Your Homework

  1. Write 5 adjectives about your business. You may come up with more but it is important to narrow your focus.
  2. Describe your ideal customer.
  3. Brainstorm on how you can play to your strengths to bring a unique solution to your customers.

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