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If you’ve ever wanted a professional blogger with over 5 years of experience to take you by the hand and help you achieve your blogging goals, my blog mentorship is exactly what you need!

My one-on-one blog mentorship program is a 3 or 6 month highly individualized program that will provide assistance in the areas where you need the most help! Possible areas include: monetization, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media, content creation, product creation, product launches, increasing traffic, time management, balancing work/family, etc.

Here’s what you receive from a one-on-one Blog Mentorship with me:

  • an initial website and social media review followed by a 45-minute welcome and goal-setting call
  • two 30-minute coaching sessions {phone or Skype} each month
  • unlimited access to me via email/FB message
  • monthly goals broken down into actionable weekly tasks
  • your blog promoted on my social media channels and email list each month

Who would benefit most from my Blog Mentorship program?

  • new bloggers who need assistance in getting their blogs off the ground
  • seasoned bloggers who have hit a plateau in growth, sales, and/or traffic
  • bloggers/brands who need fresh ideas and a clear business strategy
  • any level of blogger who desires to see positive changes in their business in 2018

If 2018 will finally be the year that your platform explodes, you must have a clear strategy in place. Allow me to come alongside you to make your goals a reality. I’ve had over 5 years of experience as a professional blogger and knows what it takes to not only survive but thrive in the blogging world. 

I will begin accepting new participants into my blog mentorship program in late March 2018. Spaces are very limited and fill quickly reserve your space now!

Purchase a space in my 3-month Blog Mentorship Program for $500 or 3 monthly payments of $200/each. Click here and fill out the form to reserve your space now.

Purchase a space in my 6-month Blog Mentorship Program for $900 or 6 monthly payments of $175/each. Click here and fill out the form to reserve your space now.

Here’s what a few of my past mentorship clients have had to say about their blog mentorship experience:

Enrolling in Heather’s blog mentorship program was one of the best decisions I have made for my business.  As a relatively new blogger, I had the ability and the work ethic to make my blog a success, but I lacked direction and confidence.  Heather provided me with small, simple steps that made huge impacts without being overwhelming.  My pageviews, email subscribers, and social media accounts have all seen unbelievable growth under Heather’s direction.  She has not only been my mentor, but also the cheerleader, sounding board, and friend I needed to achieve my goals. ~ Erin

I began the blog mentorship program with Heather in January, and have been very happy with the information and help she has provided so far. She has provided very practical ideas and steps for me to increase my reach, as well as increase the monetization from my blog. She has willingly shared examples to help me craft a pitch to sponsors, and has also provided suggested brands to contact that would fit well with my niche. I feel like she is doing all she can to help me succeed, and holds nothing back. The thing I love most is that she doesn’t just give me ideas and leave me to figure out how to implement them. She gives me a list of steps to take to accomplish the ideas, and provides the information I need to do it. If I get stuck, she is always quick to answer an email or message to help me get moving again. I still have a little over a month of the mentorship left, and have already seen my email list increase by over 2000 subscribers. I am very pleased so far with the program. This was definitely a good choice for me, and well worth the money! So glad that I said yes to this opportunity. ~Kathie

Working with Heather has been life changing for my blog. She really looks at your blog and asks tough questions about where you want to go with it. She helps you set attainable goals and holds you accountable. My favourite part of working with her has been her willingness to share everything she knows about blogging with me. She doesn’t hold anything back and will tell you exactly what she does to achieve results and help you tweak it to get the same results. Her passion to help you succeed is evident in every conversation. ~Penny

One nice thing about being coached  by Heather is after a consulting call she sends a follow-up email going over the main points of the session. She is thorough in these emails.  Also, she gives you actionable steps. She has a wealth of knowledge. Heather is very influential in the homeschool world & she was willing to use some of her awesome resources to help me! ~Shenek


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