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Blog Coaching Services by Heather Bowen-

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • You feel like your blog growth and/or income has plateaued and you need some fresh ideas to kick start growth
  • You have an idea for a blog and/or product and you need some help fleshing out the details
  • You have technical blogging questions that you need professional advice to answer
  • You’re overwhelmed and can’t figure out how to find a solid work/life balance
  • You need ideas on how to effectively use your time and resources as a blogger/business owner
  • You need ideas and advice on increasing sales of your products
  • You have a new product and would like to know how to effectively put together a launch team to increase sales and exposure
  • You started a new blog and now you have no idea what to do with it
  • You’re a hobby blogger and would like to transition to making an income from your blog

If so, I would love to help you! My blog coaching services can address all of these issues and more.

I am a professional blogger with over six years of experience. I have owned and operated successful blogs in several niches including: frugal living/deals, homeschool, lifestyle, blogging, and my latest venture: food. I have been mentoring and coaching bloggers and business owner for over two years and am confident that I can help you take your blog/business to new heights!

Here’s how it works:

  • Each blog coaching session takes place on a 45-minute phone call.
  • You choose if you would like to purchase a single session {$90} , or a set of three sessions {$225}.
  • Complete this form.
  • Upon completion of the form, I will email you an invoice and a link to my calendar to schedule your session.
  • Following our phone call, I will send you one follow up email recapping our conversation and will include a to-d0 list with few action items to help you achieve your goals.

If you need a bit more assistance than a coaching call, I also offer 3 and 6 month blog mentorships. Click here to learn more!

If you have additional questions, please email me at

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