A Beginner’s Guide to Growing a Blog {and not neglecting your family}

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Growing a blog takes time, and it takes work. 

As a beginner blogger, I think my biggest frustration is hearing from veteran bloggers that they are going to take a break, or how important it is to not invest so much time on my blog and spend time with my family. However, wanting my blog to be successful, encourage others, and perhaps even generate an income to help ease the financial burden, it can be disheartening to hear that.

How to Grow a Successful Blog {without neglecting your family!}

Beginners need encouragement and ways to make their blogs successful.

I believe there is a way to grow your blog, make it successful, and still enjoy your family. Spending time on your computer is inevitable; it is the way of making your presence known and helps you work toward your goal of being successful. But there is a way you can do it and no one will even miss you.

Here are some practical ways you can grow your blog and still be available to your family:

  1. Find times that work best for you to get online and either publish your posts, or engage on Facebook, Twitter, or other forms of social media. For me, this means first thing in the morning, lunch, and then as I am making dinner.
  2. Keep a pad of paper and pen ready in an easy-to-access spot so you can write down different blog post ideas. Your phone will work too if you have a notepad you can type your ideas into. Blog post ideas can come at any time; be ready.
  3. Scheduling your posts can be easy and convenient. I choose not to schedule my posts, but I publish my posts first thing in the morning when I wake, that way I can check other social media.
  4. Take time to write out several posts at one time. Having drafts ready to publish definitely is a way to keep you successful and keep your blog full of great content.
  5. Have great content! I know we hear it all the time, but it bears repeating: you can comment, blog hop, and link-up, but if you don’t have great information that leaves people wanting to come back for more, well, you aren’t going to grow a successful blog.
  6. Take the time to read other blogs, leave meaningful comments, and if you find someone you really like, subscribe. Love goes a long way. You always hear to treat others as you want to be treated–here is your opportunity.

Growing a blog takes time, whether you are wanting subscribers, fans, followers, or even the opportunity to generate income. But as a beginner, you can do it. It will take sacrifice, but I believe there is way to do it without affecting your entire life.

Take the time to find the perfect times for you to schedule, write, and engage on social media. Write out great content and have posts ready. Don’t forget to share the love and read other blogs, comment, and share the love. You will grow your blog over time.

Keep going and don’t give up.

This post was originally written in 2014 by Katheryn Foudray for HomeschoolBlogging.com. It was updated, edited, and re-launched in 2018 by Heather Bowen, HomeschoolBlogging.com owner.



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  1. Thank you for sharing these tips. I agree it can be disheartening when you hear veteran bloggers saying they need a break. Especially if it is due to negative comments about their blog. I have recently started blogging more seriously and I also find it helpful to have a pad & paper available at all times!

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