Homeschool Blogger, Are You Living a Life Worth Blogging About?

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Sometimes I write blog posts in pen and paper while sitting outside with the kids.  Pen and paper don’t steal my attention the way a computer can so I am free to interact and enjoy the beautiful weather and my beautiful children.  I can easily set my notebook aside without a thought of it getting trampled since it didn’t cost hundreds of dollars and the worst the baby can do to it is color on it.

But most of the time I just go outside with the kids and live!

I realized long ago, you have to have a life in order to have a blog worth reading.

Homeschool Bloggers: Are you truly living a life worth blogging about?

The words won’t flow if all you do is sit in front of some sort of electronic device all day.  Real life is good stuff!  In fact, the more you live, the more you will find yourself thinking,

“Oooo!  This would make a great blog post!”

Next thing you know you have your camera out and you’re snapping photos and capturing moments.  But, even then you have to be careful!  Don’t let the desire for just the right shot for your blog interfere with the moment.  Contrary to what you might think, not every project you do needs to be blog fodder.  Again…just live.

I know what it is like to be a new blogger (and even a seasoned blogger) and want to put out great content in mass quantities.  But if you ever blog to the detriment of your family, your readers won’t be fooled long.

Recently, I met a young woman who reads my blog.  What she said to me is my prayer for all of you…

“Your family is exactly the way you describe them on the blog.”

If we somehow find our real life not matching up with our online words, it’s time to step away and focus on our real life. Your family will thank you.  And yes, your readers will thank you because genuine living makes for great blog posts.

This post was originally written by Amy Roberts for in 2012. It was edited, updated, and re-published in 2018 by Heather Bowen, owner.



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  1. Amen to that!! Every time blog starts getting in the way and grabbing my attention more than my husband and my kids, I step back and re-evaluate my priorities.
    We need this reminder constantly. Thank you so much for posting this!

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