6 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Blog Post

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There really aren’t specific rules for blogging, but there are mistakes to avoid when writing a blog post. 

As a blogger, you have a desire to inspire, educate, encourage and offer value to your readers, so it’s important to make sure you spend time making your posts stand out, and draw your readers in.

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Blog Post:

1. Writing unfocused  content

When you start creating content, if you don’t take time to organize your thoughts you might find yourself shifting from one idea to another.

You need to ensure that your ideas and thoughts give the message that your title promised to talk about.

Readers have an expectation based on your title, so organize your thoughts and post to make sure that your content delivers what the title promised.

2. Aiming to be perfect

I know you want to be the best blogger you can, and you want to rank up there with the BEST bloggers.  This can make you want to wait for the perfect time to post content or create a perfect post. Or you might even try to compare your work with that of other bloggers.

If you have such a mentality, you might wait forever. Strive to provide quality content but don’t wait to perfect things.

Always keep in mind that there is something you have learned and can share, that will be a help and encouragement to someone who is struggling.

Don’t let your fears keep you back from sharing that information.

3. Thinking that it is all about talent

If you have read many interesting books, you will realize that some writers have had success in writing oodles of books. The world calls them talented because they have an art of attracting readers.

Did you know that it is all about passion and dedication too?

There are other talented writers out there, but they have done nothing about their talent. Some of them are bloggers who create blog posts today and get tired the next day.

When creating blog posts, you need passion and consistency.

It is all about finding and sharing solutions to problems, staying excited and passionate about your topics, and writing on a regular basis that your readers can depend on.

4. Writing blog posts with a focus on getting quick money from it.

There is nothing wrong with trying to make money from your blog and the products you have created to help your readers.  However, your focus needs to be on giving value and helpful information, along with tips that help them with their struggles.

Then if you share what has helped you in that struggle, they can relate to you a little more.

As you do this consistently, your readers will find value in your posts.  At that point, you can begin to share resources that will help them.

A good rule though is to offer great information much more often than you try to sell them on a product.

5. Failing to have a writing process

I don’t know how you create your posts, but I think having a certain plan before writing gives you direction. You cannot just write a topic and start throwing out random thoughts.

You might want to use a plan like the one below:

  • Find a solution to a problem
  • Create a catchy title
  • Come up with an outline of your thoughts
  • Fill in the details in that outline
  • Write a draft
  • Rewrite the final piece
  • Add the conclusion and a CTA or opt-in

6. Using too long paragraphs

Remember that many people scan through the content as they only have a little time to read, or want to make sure it’s worth reading all the way through.

White space is therefore crucial and makes your content easy to read.

Consider using short paragraphs to improve readability.  I also like to highlight key statements to break things up and catch the eye of my readers.

In blogging, be a good planner and have a driving force in your writing. Avoid these mistakes, and strive to write with a purpose to inspire and help your readers.

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