5 Reasons You Aren’t Making Money From Your Blog

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Almost everyone these days has a blog – or so it seems. 

Everyone starts a blog with the notion that soon enough, they will be swimming in cash and taking limitless trips to exotic places. 

After a few months, and without having made a dime from their blog, many of them simply give up on their dream of being a successful blogger.

Building a successful blog is rewarding, but it is tough and requires someone with dedication and perseverance. 

If you have a blog that has been running for some time but you have not been making money from it, you are may be doing something wrong. 

5 Reasons You Aren't Making Money From Your Blog

Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons why you might not be making money from your blog:

  1. You have slackened off.

Forgive me for my bluntness here. The most successful blogs you see on the internet required an insane kind of dedication and a ton of work that you might not be channeling towards your blog. 

You will have to make a few sacrifices here and there if you want to become successful. If you slack off, you will never see the success you seek. Put in the work, do what you need to do and then some. 

Your social life will suffer for some time but hey, there is no gain without pain. It will be worth it in the end.

  1. You have not niched down.

You very well be an expert in multiple areas. However, to achieve the success you seek in your blog, you will need to niche down to one {or two} of the important things that you can talk about expertly. 

If you set up a blog that talks about cars, camping, fishing and parenting at the same time, your chances of gaining success and making money from the blog will be very low. 

If you niche down to something you are really good at, you can be able to focus fully on that, deliver great content and find your blog becoming a profitable success.

  1. Not connecting with your target audience.

Your target audience matters a lot. These are the people you want to woo into buying the products you are selling on your blog. 

If you do not connect with them, you will not be able to make any money from your blog. When you are writing your content, always have them in mind.

Keep the language clear and informal. Make sure that any jargon you might use is something they will easily recognize. 

Focus on what they want and try to solve the problems they are encountering. 

  1. You are not focusing on building and nurturing your email list.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to convert readers into customers. 

If you have not started building an email list, you could be really be missing out. Start building your list as soon as your blog has launched. Spend time focusing on growing your list and nurturing your subscribers. These people will become your tribe. They are the people who will purchase your products and the products you’re recommending…IF you take care of them!

Taking an email marketing course is one of the best things you can do for your business!

  1. You are too Salesy.

By nature, we are wired to reject someone trying to sell something to us online. However, for your blog to make money, you will likely need to sell something. This means you will have to find a compelling way to sell to your audience without sounding spammy or salesy. Focus on solving their problems first and you will find that these people will have their buying guards down. 


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