5 Places to Promote Your Blog Posts

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Ninety-five percent of blogs fail, and the main reason isn’t because of lack of content. The reason so many blogs fail before they even get started is that they don’t get enough readership! If you are looking for more exposure on your site, it may be time to do a little promotion. Here are five places to promote your blog posts.

Your email list

Your email list should be your most nurtured platform for promoting your blog posts. These are your VIP readers and the ones who have expressed interest in your site. Whenever you post a new blog post, send out an email to your readers and let them know. I include my latest blog posts in a weekly email to my readers and include any blog posts that were published during the week. If you only post once a week, make your newsletter go out on the day you publish your new post.  If you want to learn how to grow and nurture your email list, consider taking the Building an Effective Email List eCourse.

Guest posting

A great way to get more traffic, and new traffic, to your site, is by writing blog posts for other people’s websites. Find a blog that has a lot of traffic, and writes about similar topics, and write an excellent post on their site. Most guest posting opportunities allow you to include your social media handles and links to relevant posts on your site. Many bloggers will allow you to post a snippet of the post on your site with a link back to theirs as well, so you won’t even need to write another post on your site!

Promote your posts in groups

There are a ton of Facebook groups and niche specific places where your target audience hangs out. This is the perfect place to share your new post with a whole new audience. Make sure to consult the administrator of the group before posting to make sure you aren’t breaking any guidelines. There are a ton of great groups that promote sharing posts, or you can answer questions with your posts if you can.  If you don’t like the idea of sharing in other people’s groups, create your own!

You can also share your posts in blog share groups on Facebook.  There are many groups on Facebook that are full of bloggers for the purpose of sharing each others content.  As with any group, just make sure you read over, and follow, any rules or guidelines set forth by the administrators.

Some great blog groups to consider joining are –

Homeschool Blogger Network

Christian Mom Homeschool Blog Share

Weekly Pinterest Power Promotions

BP Share – Homeschooling

Homeschool Blog SHARE

Social Media

If you don’t already have a social media profile for your blog, create one now! This is the best place to put your content right in front of your readers! Share your blog posts on these platforms, and even do some cross promotion with other bloggers if you’re able to. Ideally, you want to make sure your social media platforms aren’t just your content, but if you are posting a new post that day, you want to make sure you share it often.

My favorite social media platform to share on is Pinterest because it brings me more traffic than any other social media platform.  To keep my content circulating regularly on Pinterest and to help share content of other bloggers on Pinterest, I use Tailwind.  Tailwind is a huge time-saver and is very user-friendly.  The service is reasonably priced and worth the cost; you can even try it FREE for a month.


Chances are you’ve seen at least one roundup over the course of your blogging career. They are all over sites such as PopSugar, Buzzfeed, as well as smaller blogs. There are roundup groups available where you can drop your links in the thread. However, you can also reach out to bloggers who put together roundups regularly and let them know you want to be considered. Provide them with a few blog posts and introduce yourself.

Here are some of my go-to round-up groups –

Operation Round-Up

Bloggers Sharing Links for Round-Ups

Blogger Round-Ups

Remember that if you aren’t getting enough blog traffic, the problem might not be your content! If you aren’t spending enough time promoting your posts, nobody will read your juicy content!


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