2019 Ultimate Blogging & Work from Home Summit- Workshop Descriptions

Six Essential Steps to Successfully Hiring a Virtual Assistant by Jenn Hamrick– You’ve heard of other business associates hiring a virtual assistant, but aren’t sure how the process works. You’ve hired a VA in the past but had a less than stellar experience. Join this workshop with Jenn Hamrick, founder of Story Social Media and Virtual Assistant 411, and learn six essential steps to successfully hiring a Virtual Assistant to take tasks off your plate, so you can focus on growing your business.

Work from Home Without Having to Sell a Thing by Julie Mendez– If you think the only way for a stay at home mom to bring in an income is to go into direct sales, you’d be wrong! With the internet and the rise of telecommuting, “working virtually” from home is not only a possibility. Julie Mendez from Working While Homeschooling shares with us how to explore your God-given skills and talents to find a lucrative job with a good paycheck, and maybe even building a career, while still continuing to homeschool.

Creating a Business Plan in 7 Easy Steps by Sarah Wall– Starting a business can be overwhelming. Or it can seem very simple, until you start learning about business licenses and profit margins. Do you know what you need to do to start a business? Creating a business plan can help you make sure you not only stay legal, but set up for success. In this workshop, Sarah will walk you through the 7 easy steps, and at the end, you’ll walk away with a basic business plan, feeling like you know exactly what you’re doing now.

How to Make the Instagram Algorithm Your Best Friend by Shannon Lutz– Are you ready to double your Instagram audience with ideal followers? By working WITH the Instagram Algorithm you can receive top newsfeed billing and inspire action that turns into profit. In this workshop Shannon is revealing her 9 proven strategies to drive engagement and
generate leads.

From 700 to 70k in 9 Months: How I Built an Engaged Email List from Scratch by Heather Bowen– Heather makes over 6 figures each year from her email list alone. In this session, Heather will take you through the exact steps she took to build a large and engaged list and help you develop a strategy to boost income and traffic by building an effective email list.

Cash In On Your Creative Ideas by Tabitha Philen– Do people consistently say, “You are so creative?!” Why not turn that creativity into profit? Busy bloggers are looking to purchase your craft, kids activity, flea market flip, and recipes ideas. All you need is a camera (and YES, your smartphone will do.) Join Tabitha Philen as she shares the basics behind this style of ghost writing including how to find bloggers willing to purchase your ideas and how to package your product.

Blog Like a Boss! by Lisa Nehring– You want to blog and you want to make money at it. This session will briefly cover the basics of boss blogging, including how to find your voice and your niche, expand your reach and start earning products, dollars and opportunities!

How to Improve Your CTR on Google by Kelli Miller & Crystal Lopez– Kelli and Crystal will teach you how to utilize the data in within Google Analytics and Search Console to improve your click through rate from Google search results.

First Steps to Writing Your First Book by Alyssa Avant– This session will help you to plot out your book so that you have a better idea of the length, number of chapters, and create a strong outline to set you on a path to success.

A New Level of Influence: Using the Power of Virtual Speaking by Michelle Huddleston– If you’re looking to grow your business in any way, shape, or form then tapping into the power of virtual speaking is a must. Whether you are looking to boost your social media presence through Facebook and Instagram lives or speak at a conference and start a podcast – this is your one-stop, no-nonsense workshop that will boost your confidence to step into your new level of influence… virtually speaking!

Branding Basics for Beginners by Sarah Wall– Your brand is the face of your business. And it’s important to your overall marketing strategy. So there’s a little pressure to get it right the first time. But what is a brand? And how do you even create one? Let’s talk why branding is important, and what makes a brand work.  And Sarah will give you the 3 simple steps you need to create your brand easily.

 The Truth Behind Direct Sales- Are They Really “Pyramid Schemes”? by Sharla Fossen– Want to make money from home on your own time? Whether you’d like to have extra cash to pay for those shoes you’ve had your eyes on, earn income for the kids sports fees, pay off debt or plan for retirement, look no further! Sharla wants to debunk the pyramid scheme stereotype & educate you on the benefits of running your very own direct sales business from home! Sharla from Sharlas Glam Nails will not only be debunking the “pyramid scheme” myth, but also providing tips & techniques to finding the perfect direct sales company for YOU!

Dialing In Your Demographic by Marie Audet-White – Your success as an entrepreneur depends on your ability to speak your audience’s language. In Dialing In Your Demographic you’ll learn how to figure out who your audience is, what their “love language” is, and how to know exactly what they want from you. If you’ve felt like you’ve been building your audience blindly then this session is for you!

How to Convert Clients THIS WEEK (without a fancy website) by Shannon Lutz– Do you feel like you need to invest in a website before you start building a profitable business online? You don’t! In this workshop, Shannon is going to show you how to generate HOT leads, pre-qualify and convert with ease.

3 Easy-Peasy Strategies to Create Your Own Products by Kerry Beck– It’s OK to sell other people’s products, but the real magic, the real money, is in selling your own items. Discover three of the easiest strategies to create your own products. Kerry shares her simple strategies to write ebooks, without writing a rough draft, as well as other product strategies that will increase your bottom line.

Different Seasons, Different Focuses by Leslie Nunnery– I have heard it said that you should never compare your chapter 3 to someone else’s chapter 20, and that is an incredibly wise reminder. Different seasons of life allow us to explore different opportunities; but if we try to rush the process and sneak another season’s opportunities into the season we are currently in, we’ll miss out on so much! Not only will we miss the amazing opportunities that are limited to this season, but we will also miss the growth that comes by walking one step at a time, learning all the lessons as we go.

I Want to Start a Blog. Now What? presented by Heather Bowen– You’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a blog for years…now is the time! What are you waiting for? You likely have no idea where to begin. No worries- in this session, Heather will share with you the 8 essential steps to starting a successful blog. Your blog will be off the ground in no time!

Making Money Online As a Virtual Assistant by Alyssa Avant– In this workshop attendees will learn the first steps that you need to take to become a virtual assistant.  You will learn how to find your niche and determine your services, how to set a budget for your business, how to decide what to charge, how to market your business, and important systems to set up for your business.

No Money, No Experience, No Degree, No Problem | How to Build an Online Business You Love by Gina Glenn– Have you always dreamed of working from home, but worry your lack of money, experience, or degree will hold you back? Gina will show you how you can build a real money-making business you can be proud of.

How and Where to Look for Work from Home Jobs by Julie Mendez– Interested in working from home, but not know where to start? Needing to “return to the workforce” after many years away, but not sure how? Worried about falling for the scams out there? Join Julie Mendez from Working While Homeschooling as she walks you through the steps of going after lucrative “work-from-home” positions, and which pitfalls to avoid.

Earning with Outschool by Latonya Moore– Have you heard of Outschool – an educational marketplace? Have you wondered how teachers actually earn an income on Outschool? In this workshop, Latonya Moore, Outschool teacher and consultant, will share with you about Outschool and how YOU can earn an income by teaching topics you enjoy.

Learning to LOVE Pinterest Again by Alison Wood– Have you given up on Pinterest? Find out how you can make marketing on Pinterest less stressful, more enjoyable, profitable and even fun by learning simple, completely doable strategies that will help you learn to love Pinterest again!

Simply Explaining Optimization: The Girlfriend’s Guide To Finding Your Perfect Keywords and Reaching Your Ideal Audience by Micah Klug- Are you craving to learn SEO, but feel overwhelmed with all of the information and opinions online? Micah cuts through the muddled noise and simply explains what SEO is and how you can use this to find the perfect keywords to reach your ideal reader. From one girlfriend to another, Micah shares the secrets and tricks she used to grow her SEO traffic by 150%! You won’t want to miss this workshop!

How to Balance Home Life & Entrepreneurship While Staying Sane by Katoyia Bellamy- Parents who work from home often juggle a lot. This includes a hectic working schedule, demanding children, and even a spouse to care for.  This workshop will discuss tips and tricks for organizing, prepping, and creating a schedule which enables families to be able to balance home and work life.

Using Processes to Make Online Content Creation Easier and Quicker by Kristi Veitenheimer- Are you tired of spending so much time creating content that you have no time or energy left for all the other business activities that need your attention? Do you crave a way to get rid of the overwhelm? Learn how to get started using processes in your business so you have more time and less stress.

How to Create a Drool-worthy Printable in PowerPoint by Monique Boutsiv– Want to learn how to create printables that you can use in your business? Use a program that may already be found on your computer to create email opt-ins, freebies or workbooks for your business whether it’s for a course or a subscriber freebie, anyone can do this.

The ABCs of Monetizing Your Social Media Following by Nita Okoye-  This workshop focuses on teaching you different ways in which you can monetize your social media following no matter how small your audience is.

How to Make Old Content Work for You by Crystal Lopez & Kelli Miller- Crystal and Kelli will walk you through step by step how to determine the hidden gems within your content that Google wants to know more about. Google wants to show this content to more potential readers with some adjustments and revisions.

Social Media Systems for Success by Alyssa Avant- In this workshop, Alyssa will teach you how to get organized and save time on social media! She will give you access to the exact spreadsheet that she uses to systematize her social media, provide you with training videos that will walk you step by step through the process of setting up the systems for social media to help you be organized and save you tons of time, provide you with a list of resources to utilize to put you on the path to social media success, and provide you with training on how to use Canva to create templates that make creating social media graphics even simpler and less time consuming.

How to Start & Maintain a Powerful Facebook Group by Michelle Huddleston– Facebook Groups are becoming the “thing” of the present (and future), and for today’s entreprenher it’s smart to have one for growing your audience and your revenue. It’s simply not enough to have a Facebook group, it’s what happens after you’ve started it that matters. In this workshop, Michelle Huddleston shares her five step method that grew her Facebook group to thousands and successfully started a membership Facebook group within a year and a half. These five steps will help you start and maintain a powerful Facebook group of your own.

Work from Home: The difference between a work at home job and a work at home business by Sarah Wall- You want to work from home? You need to know how. What’s the difference between a work at home job and a work at home business? And how do you tell what’s legit? In this workshop, Sarah will show you the difference between a job and a business. And she’ll tell you not only how to find the best fit for you, but what to look for so you don’t get scammed.

How to Create a Brand LookBook by Marye Audet-White – There are some things that make it easy to build your unique brand. Creating a look book with all of the information about your brand from website design to social media images keeps it all in one place and allows you to easily focus on creating an easily identifiable look that crosses from website to social media and beyond. If you are redesigning, rebranding, or just beginning this will save you time and money.

Secret Sauce of Email Writing by Kerry Beck- What’s the most important aspect of your email writing? Discover three strategies of writing emails that will turn your readers into buyers. Each of these strategies is important to draw your reader into your promotion. In addition to these strategies, Kerry will share how to set up an email funnel that creates sales.

Getting Real About Investing Your Time by Latonya Moore- Time is indispensable. Once it’s gone, there’s no getting it back. Are you making the most of the time you have each day to do what matters most? In this workshop, Latonya Moore will walk you through a hands-on approach to help you get real when it comes to how you are investing your time.

Turn Your Passion Into Profit by Tabitha Philen- Ready to control your income? Create and sell your own products! It isn’t as difficult as it seems. After selling thousands of products online including services, books, printables, and courses, Tabitha will guide you through the step-by-step process of product creation with a blueprint for brainstorming plans, testing your ideas, locating an audience ready to buy, and marketing your product to others.

Stop Doing These Pinterest Bad Habits by Alison Wood- After dozens of one-on-one calls, and hundreds of Pinterest account audits, I’ve seen repetitive bad habits that business owners frequently make. I’ll identify many bad habits that you may be doing right now…and what you should do instead!

How to Explode Your Email List with Facebook Ads by Micah Klug– The industry average is $1.50-$2 per email when you run Facebook ads. What if you could collect emails for as little as $0.12 per email? Having incredible results with Facebook ads is completely possible when you follow Micah’s step-by-step formula and instructions for Facebook success. She’s not only collected emails for her own site at this low price but has done so for numerous clients. If you’re ready to explode your email list with your ideal reader, then you won’t want to miss this session.

Ultimate Productivity Tips to Get More Done Working at Home by Kristi Veitenheimer- Are you a procrastinator? Do you struggle staying focused and using your time efficiently as you work online from home building your dream business? Learn the top productivity strategies that will help you manage your workday effectively so you can ditch the stress and overwhelm of working online and have more time to spend doing what you love.

How to Use Canva for Blog Graphics, Like a Boss by Monique Boutsiv- Want to know how everyone else is creating those amazing blog graphics like Pinterest worthy images, Facebook, Instagram or more. Canva is tool to help you kick up your design skills and it’s free.

Concrete Steps to Attracting your Ideal Target Audience on Social Media by Nita Okoye– Nita will be teaching you how to build your social media audience and attract your ideal target audience using  the same step by step strategies that have worked for her business and multiple businesses.

The Power of Landing Pages for SEO by Crystal Lopez & Kelli Miller- Kelli and Crystal are known for their token terms in the SEO world called Landing Pages. These are main hubs that Google and your readers love. Landing Pages help prove your authority and there is a framework for their creation. In this workshop Kelli and Crystal will walk you through proper execution and WHY these pages bring SEO referral growth.

3 Things to Start Doing NOW to Balance Work & Home Life by Michelle Huddleston– Double successful business owner, Michelle Huddleston shares three things that you can start doing NOW in order to gain clarity, alignment, and the perfect balance in work and home life. If there is one thing that Michelle is passionate about it’s helping other entreprenhers understand their God-given calling and walking it out with boldness. Having a balanced work and home life is a major key in doing just that.

Creating About Pages that Don’t Suck by Marye Audet-White – The About page is the most important page on any website and yet more than half of bloggers and website owners either don’t have one or have half-heartedly created an About page that no one wants to read. Learn how to reassure website users that they have stumbled upon the goldmine of information that they’ve been looking for as well as creating a page that is visually intriguing, and SEO friendly. This information is vital for ANY website owner no matter how much experience they do or do not have.

Magic of OTO: Add to Your Bottom Line with One-Time Offers by Kerry Beck- Discover how to increase your sales on a daily basis by making a simple change when readers land on your website or blog. In addition to this simple change, discover two types of one-time offers that make money and our secret, magic weapon to encourage readers to buy now. Get the most out of one-time offers when you implement our strategies.

Making Pinterest Work for YOU! by Alison Wood- What are your goals? Are you trying to get more pinners to a landing page, a product or are you trying to drive more traffic? Are you trying to lower your bounce rate on your website? Are you trying to get the name out about your brand. I’ll give you some simple, actionable tasks you can take today to make Pinterest work for you and your goals!

How to Use Printable to Grow Your Email List by Monique Boutsiv- What would you do if you could grow your website traffic? Reach more people? If you had a bigger audience that was waiting to hear from you and eager to hear what you said? Grow your email list using printables that will bring in not just any readers but your loyal fans.





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