2019 Ultimate Blogging & Work from Home Summit- Speakers


Our panel of expert speakers for the 2019 Ultimate Blogging & Work from Home Summit include:

Heather Bowen is the founder/owner of  the 2019 Ultimate Blogging & Work from Home Summit and the parent company Conferences for Moms. Heather is a former Labor & Delivery nurse turned professional blogger. Heather is the founder/owner of the popular blog, Life of a Homeschool Mom, where she encourages and equips over one million  homeschooling moms each month. She is also the owner of HomeschoolBlogging.com. Heather and her husband, Scott reside in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with their two daughters.


Alyssa Avant is a Christian author and speaker who works from home as a virtual assistant to other authors and speakers. She is a mother of three, two tweens and a teen. She has been married to her husband Greg for 19 years. The Avant family is loved by a basset hound named Coltrane. They reside in a small town in Mississippi.

Alyssa’s conference workshops are titled: First Steps to Writing Your First Book, Social Media Systems for Success, and How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant.


As a wife, homeschooling mama of 4, and multi-passionate entreprenher, it’s no question that Michelle Huddleston wears many hats. Through her passion to create powerful movements in the home education and work-from-home fields, Michelle speaks professionally (locally and abroad), has self-published more than 8 books (2 Amazon best-sellers), and has co-founded one of the fastest growing online schools that provides core and elective courses (Huddleston Academy Live Academics). She is eager to connect with you on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Michelle’s conference workshops are titled: A New Level of Influence: Using the Power of Virtual Speaking, How to Start & Maintain a Powerful Facebook Group, and 3 Things to Start Doing NOW to Balance Work & Home Life.
Sarah Wall is a single parent of 6, from infancy to teenager, including two special needs children. She and her princesses live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, where they enjoy homeschooling, playing and growing together as a family. She works from home as a web developer, graphic designer and virtual assistant.  Connect with her at www.XeraSupport.com,  and on Facebook or Twitter @XeraSupport.  Sarah also blogs at www.RaisingRoyalty.ca

Sarah’s conference workshops are titled: Creating a Business Plan in 7 Easy Steps, Branding Basics for Beginners, and Work from Home: The Different Between a Work at Home Job and a Work at Home Business.
Learn to Blog Hangouts began in 2013 when Kelli Miller and Crystal VanTassel-Lopez had a passion to pay it forward.  Kelli is a self taught SEO expert who used her search engine knowledge to become the top Ebay Powerseller for her the entire Gulf Shore region back in the early 2000’s. Want to know how she did it? You won’t believe it….  selling one dollar scrapbook stickers on the internet. When that industry was taken over by dollar store warehouses she knew she could harness that tech knowledge in another area- blogging! She sold her inventory and created a blog in 2006 helping homeschooling and homemaking mamas all over the globe. In 2010 Crystal and Kelli’s paths crossed. Crystal was a new blogger who longed for growth. She wanted to take a blog that was maintaining 100 pageviews a day and grow to 1,000 pageviews a week. Kelli was the first bigger blogger who would answer Crystal’s blogging questions. Kelli would give Crystal a task, like install Google Analytics and start tracking these specific stats. Crystal would do as she was told and come back to Kelli for her next task. As long as Crystal implemented what Kelli advised, Kelli continued to pour into Crystal helping her grow. Soon Crystal’s blog was at 10,000 pageviews a month. Then 30,000 pageviews a month, eventually reaching 700k pageviews a month and maintaining a gross income of 6 figures per year with a large focus of referral traffic coming from Google. Together they fine-tuned their search engine optimization processes for bloggers and began paying it forward with their actionable task, step-by-step teachings and training bloggers on exactly what the bots are looking for when when indexing blog content. They help bloggers stop chasing vanity numbers and teach them how to convert it into profits never dangling a carrot but instead teaching bloggers how to follow their data to find growth. With over 80 hours of free blog trainings on YouTube they now run a membership group, Influencer Society, where they are training serious bloggers to make serious money. Kelli can be found online at her blog 3 Boys and a Dog and Crystal can be found at Crystal & Co. Together they can be found at Learn to Blog Hangouts.

Crystal & Kelli’s conference workshops are titled: How to Improve Your CTR on Google, How to Make Old Content Work for You, and The Power of Landing Pages for SEO.


Marye Audet-White is a former stay at home, home-schooling mom of 8 that leveraged an unexpected life event into a writing career and a six figure income. She is the owner of Restless Chipotle Media, LLC, writes full time on her blog, Restless Chipotle, as well as creating courses for bloggers and influencers. Marye was a writer for Texas Living Magazine for 4 years, has published over 10 cookbooks, and been featured in numerous interviews, TV spots, websites, and grandchildren’s drawings. With 22 years of homeschooling experience she can teach anyone anything. It’s her passion to see women “twirling into their happily ever after”. Connect with her at MaryeAudet-White.

Marye’s conference workshops are titled: Dialing in Your Demographic, How to Create a Brand LookBook, and Creating About Pages that Don’t Suck.


Shannon Lutz is a Business & Marketing Strategist and owner of The Social Bungalow – An online marketing co. that helps female entrepreneurs market their expertise & structure their businesses for big-picture profit. As a 10 year marketing expert she has helped build multi- million dollar businesses and managed marketing for Alist celebrities. She now channels this marketing prowess into the digital space helping women uplevel their businesses.

Shannon’s conference workshops are titled: How to Convert Clients THIS Week {without a fancy website}, and How to Make the Instagram Algorithm Your Best Friend.

Kerry Beck raised three kids to have a strong work ethic and make wise financial decisions. All three of her kids have all worked in her business and know how to run an online business. Now, she helps moms find ways to make money on the side.  This enables moms to give their kids a solid financial education by choosing the best online business for their family. Kerry offers step-by-step helps to build your blog, create your own digital products, as well as set up marketing funnels and email sequences. Her favorite strategy is using one-time offers to start making money. Kerry wants to give you her FamilyEbiz Blueprint to help take your blog to the next level.

Kerry’s conference workshops are titled: Magic of OTO: Add to Your Bottom Line with One-Time Offers, 3 Easy-Peasy Strategies to Create Your Own Products, and Secret Sauce of Email Writing.


Gina Glenn is an Online Business Manager and Copywriter at GinaGlenn.com. Before moving into the Virtual Assistant space, building an online business with no website, no degree, while homeschooling her children and working a full-time job as a retail manager, she owned a 6-figure Amazon business.

Gina’s conference workshops are titled: From Bossy Mom to Lady Boss and No Money. No Experience. No Degree. No Problem: How to Build an Online Business You Love.


Julie Mendez, a mom to two girls, and also a Career Coach with Working While Homeschooling (www.WorkingWhileHomeschooling.com).Combining her passion for homeschooling and supporting mothers, under the new umbrella, Working While Homeschooling, Julie Mendez’s goal is to encourage allwomen, homeschooler or otherwise, to identify their dream and pursue it with ingenuity, passion, and determination. She believes her calling is to aid others in finding fulfilling work that utilizes their unique talents. One of Julie’s greatest rewards is hearing from excited clients about that new job offer they just received. Julie Mendez has three career-related certifications, ten years as a Career Coach, five years in the recruiting industry in both New York and Washington, DC, and a degree from New York University. In addition, Julie’s background includes a bit of a gypsy lifestyle following her spouse’s career around the world, and even a stint working at the US Embassy in Rome, Italy. She is also a regular Event Speaker for multiple organizations including national career networking sites, regional career groups, employment-related teleseminars for US Embassy communities, and teleseminar presenter for the National Resume Writers Association. Her background has given her a unique perspective into the recruitment process and the job search strategy that gets a women back to work (in a job they love) quickly.

Julie’s conference workshops are titled: Work from Home Without Having to Sell a Thing! and How and Where to Look for Work from Home Jobs.


Latonya Moore has taught her daughters at home for over a decade. In the midst of homeschooling, she’s found multiple avenues to pursue her gifts and talents. She believes that homeschool moms can keep their families first while using their gifts. Latonya currently runs the website Joy in the Ordinary which focuses on community for homeschool moms, and she teaches regularly on Outschool.

Latonya’s conference workshops are titled: Earning with Outschool and Getting Real About Investing Your Time.


Lisa Nehring has been married for over 30 years, has five children, 2 graduate degrees and a black belt in homeschooling. She has homeschooled since 1991 , after writing a Mater’s thesis on, “Why Parent’s Homeschool, the Literature” which included  A History of Education in America. She has created class days and co-ops, brought national programs to her region and has written hundreds of curriculum and product reviews at her personal blog, Golden Grasses. where she has been writing about homeschooling and Christian Living since 2008. Lisa currently owns and operates True North Homeschool Academy, offering live on-line and self paced courses, clubs, testing, advising and more. You can find her blogging at True North Homeschool Academy and podcasting at Soft Skills 101: Life Skills for a Digital Age at the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Lisa’s conference workshop is titled: Blog Like a Boss!


Alison Wood has been blogging at the popular motherhood website Pint-sized Treasures since 2012. Learning how to market her own blog on Pinterest ignited her interest in learning which Pinterest strategies actually produce amazing results. In December 2018, Alison launched Pintastic Pinning and created intense training videos to teach her team how to break the Pinterest code. Now, Pintastic Pinning has a team of 12 people who are dedicated to helping business owners love Pinterest again! Several of her present clients see over 500k page views from Pinterest alone every single month. Alison is super transparent in what she shares because she loves helping people see how powerful of a marketing tool Pinterest still is!

Alison’s conference workshops are titled: Learning to LOVE Pinterest Again, Stop Doing These Pinterest Bad Habits and Do THIS Instead!, and Making Pinterest Work for YOU!


Micah Klug loves being a mother and helping other women DIY their home on a budget, grow their faith in Christ, love their marriage, and strengthen their family relationships by living simply without losing their sanity. She is the author of, “50 Freezer Meals: Easy Dinners for the Busy Family.” Micah and her husband, Travis, currently have four children. She resides in Washington happily at home raising her children. To learn more about Micah and her latest projects, please visit her website: www.HomeFaithFamily.com.

Micah’s conference workshops are titled: Simply Explaining Optimization: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Finding Your Perfect Keywords and Reaching Your Ideal Audience, and How to Explode Your Email List with Facebook Ads.


Katoyia Bellamy is the founder of Our Learning Curve (www.ourlearningcurve.co), a source for culturally inclusive online/home learning.  She helps parents and guardians enrich their child(ren) ‘s educational experiences whether via homeschooling or supplementing traditional school options by providing culturally inclusive curriculum options.  She is a former 2nd-grade teacher and has been homeschooling her own children for the past 12 years.  Currently, she is a candidate for an MA/ Ph. D. in Africana and Latin American Studies. She chronicles her life as a single mom homeschooling 3 gluten-free vegetarian children while working from home at Being Mama Dot (www.Beingmamadot.com) and offers support for other families doing the same. She also has a self-care subscription service, called Wombology.  Katoyia adamantly believes that all moms should have the option to stay home with their children.

Katoyia’s conference workshop is titled: How to Balance Home Life and Entrepreneurship While Staying Sane.


Kristi Veitenheimer is a retired educator with 30+ years of experience teaching children and adults. She’s passionate about empowering overloaded content creators to simplify their online businesses with streamlined processes and organizational strategies so they can ditch the overwhelm and stress, get focused, and have more time to spend using their God-given talents to positively impact others. When she’s not working, you can find Kristi at home in Texas spending time with her husband, two children and their fiancés, and the sweetest grandsons on the planet. Connect with her at ProductiveContentCreators.com.

Kristi’s conference workshops are titled: Ultimate Productivity: Tips to Get More Done Working at Home, and Using Processes to Make Online Content Creation Easier & Quicker.


Jenny Morris is the wife of a Wounded Warrior, mother of four amazing kids, and MiMi to four truly beautiful grandbabies. Jenny and her family live on a small, off-grid farm in Southeastern Ohio. When she is not tending to her chickens and goats, Jenny is busy homeschooling her two youngest boys and loving on her grandbabies as much as possible. Jenny is the owner and founder of Jenny Em Studio (Virtual Assistant business), Faith & Good Works Blog, & the Homeschool Educational Free Market blog. 

Jenny’s conference workshop titles include: Blog Business Organization with Trello, Google Drive, & IFTTT and What the App?.


Jenn Hamrick, Business Strategist100s of clients later, Story Social Media distinguishes itself by providing result-driven online marketing strategies—attracting potential customers, engaging with your audience, and converting them from traffic and leads to sales. My passion is helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by using the interweb to their fullest advantage + showing them how to use tools and resources already at their fingertips to grow their businesses and in turn, their lives.

Jenn’s conference workshop is titled: Six Essential Steps to Successfully Hiring a Virtual Assistant.


Sharla Fossen is a single mom, Air Force veteran, blogger at Minnesota Country Girl, Color Street Stylist at Sharlas Glam Nails, homeschool mom to her 15-year-old son, avid gardener, and fibromyalgia conqueror! She provides tips, encouragement, resources, and inspires families to become self-sufficient in the homeschool and with running your own business. If you’re looking for a blogger opportunity, her homeschool blog is for sale! If interested, contact her email for further details. In this conference, Sharla wants to debunk the pyramid scheme stereotype & educate you on the benefits of running your very own direct sales business! She will be speaking on a very important topic: “The Truth Behind Direct Sales! Are They Really “Pyramid Schemes.” You can learn more about her Here!

Sharla’s conference workshop is titled: The TRUTH Behind Direct Sales! Are They Really “Pyramid Schemes”?


Leslie Nunnery is the co-founder of Teach Them Diligently, along with her husband David. She discovered that the very skills God had put into her hand through her experience as a PR and Marketing director for a large newspaper and TV chain was exactly what He wanted to use when He called her family to start this new adventure years ago.  She is the homeschool mother of four children who range in age from 13-20 and is an advocate of home education with a strong focus on discipleship which is evidenced in her writings and the events her family produces. She is also heavily involved in mission endeavors through Worldwide Tentmakers, which utilizes business platforms to spread the gospel and meet needs in local communities.

Leslie’s conference workshop is titled: Different Seasons, Different Focuses.
Nita Okoye is a Christian serial blogger, an entrepreneur, Social media specialist at Revivesocialmarketing.com and a Bloggers assistant. She started off a normal full time Christian blogger in 2016 and after a few months of blogging and no income she needed to find a way to keep her blog going and making income from it and that was when another blogger acquaintance of hers introduced her to the VA world as a way of sustaining her blog and offering the things she had learnt while run her own blog to others who were too busy to manage it all them self. Nita has since then been privileged to serve and work with multiple high income earning blogs and has learnt the secrets to making it work when blogging as a business especially through trial and error.  Experience they say can be the best teacher right! But thankfully with people like Nita you wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes she and severally other bloggers/online entrepreneurs have made, because by applying proven strategies in the recommended order you could skip the error straight to the success. She specializes in social media as this is a huge part of owning and running a blog/online business, a lot of entrepreneurs have mistaken the use of social media as just sharing posts or contents daily but Nita has acquired proven results that shows the effective use of social media to be more than that. Her social media gifts and skills have become her most sought skill and has helped her thrive in her business. Nita is a very clear example of surviving and becoming a success against all odds and no matter what your situation may look like currently, being a woman who lives in a country where all odds were against her especially with running an online business, non stable electricity, Inflation, no means to receive payments from clients for work done yet she pushed through everyone of these obstacles and many more. If you are thinking the chances are very slim for your blog or business to succeed Nita is a your proof that it will! If you are determined enough, no matter what you just need to wake up every day and make it happen with God on your side.

Nita’s conference workshops are titled: The ABCs of Monetizing your Social Media Following and Concrete Steps to Attracting your Ideal Target Audience on Social Media.

Monique Boutsiv shares how  to create your own printables on Doityourselfprintables.com. Find ways to use printables to grow your business or create an online income. Whether you are a teacher, homeschooler or blogger, learning how to create printables can open up a ton of doors to different possibilities. You can find her on Pinterest or Instagram.

Monique’s conference workshops are titled: How to Create a Drool-worthy Printable in PowerPoint, How to Use Canva for Blog Graphics Like a Boss, and How to Use Printables to Grow Your Email List.


Tabitha Philen, author at MeetPenny.com, knows how to make money from home. As a mom to four children and wife to a talented musician, Tabitha is a serial entrepreneur who established a work-life balance unique to her family while creating and selling thousands of products online. By working from home, she has the flexibility to stay actively involved in the education and extracurricular activities of her children while maintaining a full-time income. An expert in turning passion to profit, Tabitha dedicates a portion of her time to empower others to create their own profitable online businesses.

Tabitha’s conference workshops are titled: Cash In On Your Creative Ideas and Turn Your Passion Into Profit.

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