How To Start Your Teen Blogging

The first thing I had to do before I even got a blog was come up with a name and a general idea of what I would blog about. For my personal blog, Once in a Blue Moon, it was fairly simple. I wanted to start a personal blog where I could write posts for the Middle and High School Link Up. The only thing was, I felt like I would only write a post “Once in a blue moon” beyond what I would write for the linkup (hence the name).

How to Start Your Teen Blogging

My mom told me that this was ok and that I needed to go at it at my own pace. The focus of my personal blog is basically whatever I want to write about: LEGOs®, my family, my Minecraft® projects, etc.

But as I mention in my post, Why Your Homeschool Teen Needs a Blog, the possibilities are about as endless as the imagination. It can count as school and you can make it homework, but I have one suggestion. If you do consider it school, there should still be at least one post–that is on something your child is passionate about and would enjoy writing about–for every three required posts.

From my perspective as a teen, making it a requirement could turn what I view as a privilege and a hobby into a burden and a point of contention.

I have found that, for me, the best way looks something like this: let your teen write about what they love and then walk them through the editing process. Make it a time of fun and learning without the requirement. Spend special one-on-one time with them on it and make it something you do as a team.

This is the way I do it with my mom and I feel I am learning a lot more from it than I might otherwise. Since not everyone reacts to requirements the same, I would talk it over with your teen and make a game plan together.

The next thing we did, after I came up with a name and the general focus of my blog, was set up a free Blogspot/Google blog and put in all the info (such as what URL we wanted, the name, email to send notifications to about comments, etc.).

Once the blog is set up, your teen can start writing! At this point you may want to give your teen some guidelines. My mom lets me write when I want and with very few restrictions beyond the fact that it can’t interfere with my school work and family time. However, this may not work for everyone, especially if you require it for school.


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    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing this with us from your point of view. I love that it comes from you, the writer, and not your mom, the assigner of the project. I would much rather know how my son and students are going to feel about this than what another mom or teacher feels about it. Your POV is very valuable to other teachers! Was it mandatory that you write something everyday? Did your mom give your prompts to write from or did you have to come up with what you were going to write about every time? I would love a response!
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      To answer your first question, I am not required to write a post everyday. I made it a goal to work on my blog everyday, but it has never been a requirement. I have tried to write one everyday, but it is just too crazy with my schedule. In answer to your second question, I usually come up with my own posts, but if I have writer’s block Mom and Dad are always ready to help me come up with ideas.

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