Going Off-Grid Might Save Your Blog

I wasn’t planning to be off-the-grid. We have been planning our major move from one coast to the other for months. I knew the week the packers and movers were at our house would be busy, and I knew that there might be a couple of days without internet before we signed out of our base housing in California and moved into a hotel.

What I didn’t realize was that out of twelve days of travel, we would have limited cell or internet service for ten days. Nor did I know that on the days with more robust internet, I was going to be too tired to work my blogging business.

So yeah, the going off-grid thing came as a complete surprise.

I didn’t have time to warn my clients, I didn’t have time to line up guest posts, and I didn’t have time to plan anything. One day I had internet, and the next day I didn’t. Curve ball.

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Just to set the stage, let me tell you a little bit about what I did have for those twelve days. I had long days in a car with my family. I had sweet days at five different National Parks with my children. I had two beautiful nights in cabins with my family at Custer State Park.

I saw mountains of every variety — high elevation, moderate elevation, plateau, butte, grey, red, black, and green. I saw beautiful mountaintop meadows and numerous valleys. I saw deserts in two varieties (high elevation and low elevation), I saw farm land and ranch land and buffalo plains. I saw the Great Salt Lake. I saw the Missouri River. I saw eight different states of our precious United States.

I watched my son carry in four bags of luggage to keep his mom or grandma from carrying any. I watched my daughter go two days without her iPhone and without complaint. I heard my son proclaim, “This is the best night ever.”

That’s the kind of stuff that blogs should be made of! We crammed so much real-life into those twelve days, when I sit down to blog about our trip I have ideas for dozens of posts. Sometimes going off-grid is exactly what you and your blog both need.

Here are a few things Off-Grid did for me.


Once without internet, and suddenly the war in my heart between blogs took its proper place. When I had time to post or promote, only one blog had my heart to even try. Going without access to my blogs really helped me clarify where I want to focus my time on-line.


When you are experiencing real life as magnified by close proximity to nine other travelers for twelve tightly-packed days, your post inspiration will hit an all time high.


Family rocks. And they need me. And as much as I’d like to think otherwise, my readers don’t truly need me like my family does. Little boys need cuddles in real life. Little girls need hugs and encouragement. Big kids need to stretch their wings under the safe haven of home. Family is where it’s at. Blogging is very clearly not where it’s at. I’m still going to be here, but I’m going to be here less.


In the hustle and bustle of our homeschool life, sports practice, blogging rigor, and church I found myself getting tired. Going off-grid gave me some much needed space to rest mentally. I watched the views roll by without stressing about page views, affiliate sales, or post count. And it felt good.

And about half-way through the trip I started thinking maybe it was time to sell-out and quit the whole thing. But by the end of the trip I was reminded of why I love blogging, why I need blogging, and how much I need to make blogging work for me instead of making myself work for blogging success.

Could a bit of time off-the grid save your blog?


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    I cannot agree with you more! I feel the same…we need off-grid time from time to time to have a renewed mind. I learned this the tough way…by experience. I felt without energy and exttremely attached to the blog and social media. I had to stopped and I did. It was around two years ago…I just stopped blogging for a month and my mind focused on the real issues and important people in my life. Social media can be consuming if you don’t control its use. I really enjoyed this post. I stopped once and this opened my eyes that whenever I need to…..I should stop again!

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    What a fabulous road trip! I love how you got to experience so much real life With your family enjoying our amazing country! So much variety to see and praise God for his amazing creation! Exciting how this refocused your blogging view! Thanks for sharing!

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    I love this post, Amy. I am not off-grid physically, but mentally I am. I am so crazy about my family. I will admit that sometimes I have craved the positive feedback of strangers ahead of the people who know me. Being off-grid this summer has helped me remember what a great “tribe” I have at home. Praying I never forget. Blessings on the rest of your summer.

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    Sounds like you had an amazing break (from blogging.) :) I have cut back on my posting *severely* and find that when I am writing, the posts come so easily, and life and blogging are always in their proper place. It had to hit me over the head too, but the realization is just so freeing, isn’t it?

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