The Most Basic Basics of Google Plus for Beginners

I had someone ask me about Google Plus recently: “What do you mean by comments and where?” and it made me realize that some of the very basics of Google Plus are not always obvious to everyone. This person is pretty active on all other Social Media, yet G+ Still seems foreign to her. So this post covers some of the most basic basics of Google Plus.

Basics of Google Plus #HSbloggers

When you set up Google Plus, you begin “following” people in the setup process. The posts of these people will show up on your home page when you open Google Plus. You can comment on, share, or plus one any of these posts and that is a good way to make new friends and encourage others on this fairly new Social Media Platform.

Basics of Google Plus #HSbloggers


ArrowFGreenThe first thing to do is to start commenting. Commenting let’s people know you’ve actually read something they posted and it helps the original poster get a bit more attention. As with any Social Media platform, you need to start building community right away.


If you are even more impressed, also click that little +1 button to show Google that you loved the content. This helps the author with SEO (making Google happy), and shows up on their actual website for social proof.


ArrowBlueIf something is a perfect fit for your own target audience, take a few moments to share the post. When you share, you have the opportunity to tag the original poster and write a brief intro with your thoughts as shown below.

ArrowOrangeYou can also include hashtags. Hashtags allow to filter all of the content on Google Plus down to a single topic of interest. If you clicked on the hashtag in this post – you would be shown a page of all the most recent posts on Google Plus about #lego. To create a hashtag, just preface any word with the pound sign (#). However, knowing whether or not anyone is looking for that hashtag is important, so do a quick search of your hashtag before using it.

ArrowPinkWhen you need to find the exact URL for your Google Plus post, just click on the TimeStamp. This makes it super easy to share your Google Plus post on another Social Media platform such as Facebook and Twitter. Once you click the time stamp, just copy the url and paste to your location of choice.


Basics of Google Plus #HSbloggers

ArrowTealTagging someone else on Google Plus alerts them to the fact that you have shared or commented on their content and is a great way to start a conversation. Again, you are building community. In order to tag someone, precede their name with the + sign, and if that doesn’t work try the @ symbol. So start typing @AmyBlevins or +AmyBlevins and you should get my name to show up highlighted in your post with a link to my profile.

If you have any questions about the basics of Google Plus be sure to let me know!


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    So, here I am reading your post and I see you highlighted one of my google plus posts!! How exciting. I’m really trying to use G+ more often and so happy to see this as I really am very slow moving on it!

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