Photography: a Hobby and a School Project

Photography: a Hobby and a School Project

One of my many goals at the beginning of this year was to learn more about using my drawing and art skills for more than just fun. I discovered that I love Graphic Arts (Photoshop®, Artrage®, Picmonkey®, etc). To do what I am doing now (making images for my blogs and completing art/school projects) I […]

Going Off-Grid Might Save Your Blog

Save Your Blog with some plugged-in downtime. Are you tired of #blogging ? Writers block? Priorities out of whack? #hsbloggers

I wasn’t planning to be off-the-grid. We have been planning our major move from one coast to the other for months. I knew the week the packers and movers were at our house would be busy, and I knew that there might be a couple of days without internet before we signed out of our […]

How to Create A Word Search Printable

Word searches are fun worksheets for kids to enjoy, and with just a few minutes of preparation, you can create one based on almost any theme to slip some learning into their next printable. Start by thinking of a topic you’d like to make the word search about. Maybe you are studying Great Britain. Grab […]

How to Make Your Blog Posts Shine

Blog Posts Shine

Do you want to do product reviews but are intimidated at the thought of your writing being seen by a larger number of people? Do you sometimes think to yourself, “I’m really not that great a writer, why would anyone other than my family want to read what I write?” Have you ever wanted to […]