Using Slide Deck 2.3 (a review for WordPress Users)

I spent quite a bit of time today playing with my new toy for self-hosted WordPress: Slide Deck 2.3. I tried to use a free slider first, I really did! I just couldn’t get it to work and do what I wanted. Finally, I splurged on the personal license for Slide Deck 2.3. I was able […]

Basic WordPress Editing and the Kitchen Sink

Wordpress Editing - How to find the extra formatting options

I bet you are wondering what in the world basic WordPress editing and the “kitchen sink” have in common. If you are brand new to WordPress, or even if you have been blogging for a few years, you may still be wondering how to more easily edit your posts with underlining, font color, indenting a […]

Fun Ways to Include Your Children in Your Blog

Fun Ways2

This post is from monthly contributor, Katheryn. —   I absolutely love blogging. The best part for me is the community I am working on building–the other women who read my blog, comment, and share. I love it. Every time I write a post, my biggest focus is on my community as well as making […]

Send a New Subscriber Freebie in Mailchimp Using Free Account

MailChimp Subscriber Freebie - Yes you can send a freebie using the FREE MailChimp Account

You don’t have enough newsletter subscribers to pay for a MailChimp account yet, but you want to give new subscribers a free ebook or pdf file when they subscribe. This video tutorial will show you how to use tools already included to deliver a New Subscriber Freebie in MailChimp.   For those who do not […]

Content Brew from Blog Clarity: A Review

Content Brew Review

I was asked recently if I could explain how Content Brew changed my blogging. I am happy to share, but if you are looking for negatives about this course, you aren’t very likely to find them here. I’m being completely honest when I tell you I have nothing negative to say. I learned so much […]

Make A Quick and Easy Media Kit

Make a Quick and Easy Media Kit using The Essential Guide

I’ve been needing a better Media Kit for a while now, so I jumped at the chance to review Richele McFarlin’s new book called The Essential Guide To Successful Publicity Kits. Richele’s 35-page book walked me through three different styles of Media Kits (bloggers, authors, and speakers) and helped me come up with wording and […]

How to Balance Family and Blogging


Over the past few months, I’ve felt the pull… the pull away from my many online commitments and the pull toward my home and family. And as we approach the finish line of our long transitional period (we’ve been living in limbo since July – nine months ago), I’ve been sensing God’s timing for me […]

5 Things to Make Your Blog Successful

5 Things to Make Your Blog Successful

This post is from contributor Mama Kautz. — Love what you do! If you are going to blog, blog about something you love. I started out as Crazy Homeschool Mama almost 8 years ago. While we still homeschool, or “unschool” rather, I hardly write about it anymore ’cause it’s not my passion. Homesteading is, so […]

Bloggers + Brands [a review]


Several months ago, Shannon from AKA Design reached out to me, asking if I would be interested in taking a look at her new eBook, Bloggers + Brands. After reading through the entire eBook in one sitting, I knew I needed to share it with you all – it’s so good and packed full of […]

Treating Your Blog as a Business

Treat Your Blog as a Business

This post is from monthly contributor, Mama Kautz. — For today, think of yourself not as a blogger, but as the CEO of your business. – Dan R. Morris, Blogging Concentrated [paraphrased]. I had been praying about attending Blogging Concentrated in Seattle for a while. I struggled with guilt over the cost. I struggled with […]