The Writing Sidekicks: The Thread Tracker

Writing Sidekicks: The Thread Tracker

Writing a story or a post series can be very challenging, especially if it is stretched over a long length of time. The more posts you have in your series, the more complicated it can get. On my blog, I write serialized fan fiction. Keeping track of all the characters, past events, future events, places, […]

10 Blogging Planners You Will Love

Blogging Planners - the best I could find - so excited to have this list!

I am starting a new school year with my kids tomorrow and feeling that drive to get everything organized and prepared because summer is over — I can’t fly by the seat of my pants anymore now that we are in full-on school mode! It seems like every fall I am scrounging for a good […]

Blog Like A Pro Planner Overview

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was: “If it isn’t working, change what you’re doing.” The Problem: I have always prided myself on being an organized person. I loved to sort and organize toys and stickers and stationery as a child. As a teen it was scrapbook supplies and later as […]

Full Disclosure Policy for Homeschool Bloggers with Free Image Downloads


(updated August 2014) It’s time to evaluate your disclosure policy. Are you up-to-date with the required changes to full disclosure according to the FTC? Let’s take a look. Each of the images in this post are included in a .zip file at the end of the post which you can download and use at your […]

What’s Your Bottom Line? Blogging with Purpose

Is it time to re-define the purpose of your blogging business? Be encouraged by one blogger's story. #hsbloggers #blogging

Unexpected events were completely disrupting my plans. The first day of our cross-country trip had started out as planned. We left Los Angeles Air Force Base at around 12:30 p.m., and headed for our hotel just outside of Sequoia National Park–a four-hour drive plus a stop for lunch, and a stop for supper. The last […]